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Polycuckoldry or is it Cuckoldrypoly or just plain ‘ol Fuckinfuckery?

by on February 1, 2014

Yeah I am just making up words…because the truth is I have no idea what to call the circumstances I am in. It is a “living in Technicolor” movie that has no real script…it is life based on “mad-libs”. Most of it is on the fly and off the cuff. I learn from hindsight and the  pretty much insane life motto “shit is only knee deep—- if you go in head first”.  

(No that isn’t a reference to scat play—if that’s what you were looking for and ended up here—move on—nothing for you see.)

What it looks like today….. sometimes (most of the time)  doesn’t look like what it did “back then”….and what it will look like tomorrow? Ya got me….sometimes I wish there was a script.

The prequel(s):

And coming soon attraction:

Quoted comment from this blog post:

Was very excited to find this website. My wife has recently started going on out dates after lots of mutual discussion. So far it has not gone past kissing and some sexual flirtation. Your website and how you transitioned from not being with others to a Poly relationship was a real eye opener of what could happen.
*Can you explain any more about how you went from not having sex with someone else to immediately being Poly?
*Can you also share more about how you talked to your husband about seeing your 2nd a few times a month to now splitting time with him?
*Did he see this coming?
*How did you husband react to these changes?

As time permits…..I’ll be answering the questions asked…… one at a time and any others that come my way.
All my standard posted declaimers apply.

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  1. And what’s happened to Guy #3?


    • Oh he’s still around…but life for both of us has had him on the fringe. We still talk daily even if it is just a base touch via texting. He tolerates being “fringy” a lot better then the other two do :P…thank goodness!!! Some days he’s the only sane and calm man in my life!!


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