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For the Record:


It’s a blanket disclaimer

Why should you accept as true, as gospel……. what I type here?

You shouldn’t…….in fact you should take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt.

It is possible to be open-minded and judiciously skeptical.

When I go on recon missions for information on topics outside my own experience or even to back up my own history……..….I don’t just use the net.

Donald Trump said something to the effect of:

I’m not the smartest man in the world…..but I am smart enough to hire the smartest people I can to advise me.

(That’s not verbatim….and apologies to The Donald if I screwed it over too bad)

I follow The Donald’s lead on this one by having some damn smart buds to go to…….in my everyday life who understand I am like a five-year old on a sugar high when I am looking for information on a topic.

I have a whole library of non-fiction and educational text books….. about the subject of the human species and the carnal natures….. kinked and not kinked…. we own. I am always adding to that library.

My husband’s kink hard wiring has been a pain in the ass for me at times….but it has been a boon for my research/investigative abilities over all the years…and it doesn’t hurt that I am a bibliowhore…if it has words on it…….I’m gonna read it.

I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, I’m not trying to tell anyone how to do anything.

I am just offering up another facet of what are topics that can lead to heated debates and out right flame wars.

There are as many ways to play kinky as there are stars in the sky…..our story is just one of many.

No better, no worse, no more right, no more wrong….and what gets put here will appeal to some…..others will thumb their nose at it.

The intent isn’t to offend…it is to inform and help…the ones the history appeals to.

As a dear friend is fond of saying:

To each…their own.



My husband suggested I point out here:

I’m not angry.

I am “passionately” frustrated.

When I type in caps I’m not screaming…I am raising my voice to get attention!

When I swear in caps:

I’m not swearing at the readers….

I am swearing to prevent banging my head on a wall, using it as a  hammer to nail down Jello!

Cuz see…it’s like this:

I spend a whole lot of time trying to nail Jello to walls…my own and or helping other getting the stuff to stick

I can be the Jello holder, the nail holder or if you are brave enough to hold the Jello or nail for me…I’ll swing the hammer.

I would tug on Superman’s cape, I will spit into the wind, and I would try to pull the mask off the ol’Long Ranger

And given the chance……I would mess around with Jim…


I  had the time and energy to add another man to my “stable.”

Consider starting here:

Just cuz…for a just cause 😉


And if the urge to “email notify by emailing her links to sites..

This one or any site about FemDom and all that goes with it”–

….. strikes you……..

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