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Roseanne Roseannadanna……..

by on January 26, 2014

It’s ALWAYS something.

If you don’t get it…..Google it.

You probably have to be over 40 to not have the need to Google it.

I wish there was a way to Google my life and find succinct information about how a 53 year old woman…..ended up living a D/s lifestyle and juggling two men in two different homes.

I started out my life as a hayseed—straight out of the boondocks— farm kid. Met and married an amazing man. And 30 some odd years later still married to him but my life with him reads like some kind of off the charts crazy male agenda driven BDSM pornographic erotic novel. To look at me—him—us as a couple—–there’s no blatant in your face evidence of our life works. Beyond that life we have a life that is very real and full of the everyday things that keep people doing the Roseanne Roseannadanna……..

It’s ALWAYS something.

I really have no idea where this blog is going—–but I am committed to getting all this back on track…in the midst of:

*Monssieurnotasub working from home. Love the man dearly…… but damn….. having him underfoot 24-7 someday is—well—-hard on my patients.

*Being keeper of the key—to an apartment 200 miles from the spot I am sitting in now. Back in Sept. I started splitting my time between Monssieurnotasub and Earlobe guy. I literary have two homes now and I had no idea how handy that second home was going to end up being back then—-it keeps me from strangling Monssieurnotasub now that he is working from home. But with that key came the responsibilities of another intimate relationship.

Please note “intimate relationship” is code for “juggling the emotional insanity of being the primary to a man who is my secondary”.

*Along with being the mommy-hen-mommy that I am…to three adult children.
Yes—-adults who some days are more child then adult. One is the middle of an ugly relationship break up. One is making stupid choices because of the heady high that comes with falling in love. The third one….ummm….right now seems to be the adult more than child….but that can change in the blink of an eye so I guess with that one I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In between kids and road trips, being primary to the secondary…

I am playing Domme to a man who has more kinks then 20 miles of chain…..and uses kink as a stress buster and right now….man is he stressed.

The blogs that may spring form this insanity…….my best advice now is:

Reader beware.



  1. Glad to see you are back. My Wife and i have been leading a WLR now for 18 months and recently came across your wonderful. W/we were worried you gave up the ghost on you blog. She will be thrilled when I let her know you are back. i sent you an email a few days inquiring about your status. W/we’ll both take this post as an answer to O/our inquiry. Welcome back.


    • Hi j, good to have you and your wife with me. Life is still a bit wonky but we hope to have things calm enough to at least pop in with something new a couple of times a week!


  2. writingthebody permalink

    Yes, indeed, nice to see you here! And I am like that guy….I need a beating when I am stressed. I totally get that! xx


    • Hey! Hey–thanks and it feels good to be back! 🙂 Nice to have you stop by!! Hope all is well in your world!! The beatings here are well…ummm…kinda not happening…..cuz my stress level is higher then his and stress kills my libido!! SO he is sorta SOL!! 😛


  3. newtoFLR permalink

    Was very excited to find this website. My wife has recently started going on out dates after lots of mutual discussion. So far it has not gone past kissing and some sexual flirtation. Your website and how you transitioned from not being with others to a Poly relationship was a real eye opener of what could happen. Can you explain any more about how you went from not having sex with someone else to immediately being Poly? Can you also share more about how you talked to your husband about seeing your 2nd a few times a month to now splitting time with him? Did he see this coming?How did you husband react to these changes?


    • Before I answer any of the above……how much of the blog overall have you read? I think you will find a lot of the information you have asked about in the various blog postings.


  4. newtoFLR permalink

    I believe over the last month I have read most if not all of what was written and commented on. It is always possible I missed something so if I am asking something that has already been posted about, I am apologize.


    • And I guess I have maybe missed a comment from you? I don’t recognize the user name.


      • newtoFLR permalink

        I am new to commenting, but believe there are a lot of similarities and wanted to understand more. I am happy to email you privately if you want more information.


  5. No need for apologies….I was looking for blog posts just now…to see what is or isn’t here. The blog has been hit and miss for a couple of years now and back after about 10 months of real life thrashing our blogging time 😉

    I do think a lot of what you asked is here—but probably spread across the blog postings. I don’t mind answering the questions….if you have looked and didn’t find anything that did have the answers.

    BUT! Life is nuts…LOL…so please be patient… will take a few days to get it here.


    • newtoFLR permalink

      I am happy to be patient and appreciate the response when you are able to get to it. I am sure that I will have lots more questions that will follow.


      • If you would like to email me, that’s fine, but again–limited time so you may find I am answering you via blogs rather than by mail. Is your wife aware of the blog and your communications with me?

        It doesn’t matter one way or the other…but I find it helps if both partners are aware of the conversations and reading the same information.


      • newtoFLR permalink

        My wife is very aware of the blog. I showed her after having found it. She is also very intrigued by the similarities, although has not had the time to get through everything you and your husband have written or all the comments, yet (as she has said). No she does not know I have reached out to you, but she will when she returns from her trip.


  6. Giiiiirrrrrl…

    I. Have MISSED. You.





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