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Three question in one post. (Part one)

by on February 10, 2014

One question answered here:

I have tried to answer each one of these question separately but they crisscross each other… goes my attempt to answer them together:

*Can you also share more about how you talked to your husband about seeing your 2nd a few times a month to now splitting time with him?

*Did he see this coming?

*How did you husband react to these changes?

Again it is important to remember this evolved over S*I*X years.

I didn’t go from grabbing him one night to splitting my time between the two of them. I didn’t take a key to his place until about seven months ago. More on why I took a key later.
The first time I went to see him was about two weeks after the night we met.

My husband and I spent a considerable amount of time discussing the dynamics and the parameters for what I was about to get myself into…because IT WAS ME  getting into “it” and it would be me…..who would suffer the worst of the brunt if things didn’t work out.

I’m not saying either one of the guys couldn’t or would be hurt…..but it was MY BODY that was being put out for offer…….and that alone had it’s own psychological issues for us to deal with…not to mention MY psyche. 
I also spent the next two weeks talking to the guy on the phone….getting to know him, his history, what he did for a living(making sure it was verifiable) and some basic information about his home turf.

I was actually (and so was Monssieurnotasub) very familiar with the area, we had worked and lived in the area for a few months. I knew EXACTLY where he worked and all it took was one phone call to confirm it.
We ran up insane cell phone bills on both side. After the call to let him know I would come to his place……I asked my husband to get my airline ticket…but I didn’t let Eargasm guy know I had purchased the ticket. I wasn’t going to tell him until a day or two before I showed up…I wasn’t going to lock into anything because I didn’t know if I had it in me to follow thru.

I also had a “back up plan”……that had a hotel room and transportation in my name just in case or god forbid.

(My readers are smart…..
I don’t need to explain that!
If you do need to have me explain it



Have no business reading up on how to “be” cucked
Trying to find ways to discuss it with your partner.

If I need to elaborate or explain you probably need to get the hell off of my cloud,


I will be forced to use my dominant Vulcan mind meld powers to hurt you…BAD.)

The night I confirmed I was going to head to the other guys hood with him…my husband and I had a good long heart to heart.
We thought we covered everything…we thought we had it all planned out and we understood what each other felt and what WE FELT and had the “ground rules” firmly in place.

Yeah sure we did.

This conversation was probably the equivalent to one you might have with someone who is about to jump out of a plane for the first time.
They think they know what they are in for…and in a:

“Hey I studied this and gave it a lot of thought and did the research, I have wanted to try it all my life and my partner is willing to go along and we discussed and know what to expect… so I know I am(we are) ready way”……they do.

What they don’t have is the





I mean

It is a lot scary then I thought it was going to be!!

I had no idea I would feel this

or that

and who would think this emotion would

have caught me right here right now?

But they don’t feel that until the jump instructor shove them out of the plane and by then..well……too late to turn back! You are free falling….

Trying to calculate everything you THOUGHT YOU KNEW…and put it to use…..

As you are FREE FALLING…and then the chute doesn’t open so you go for the reserve..wishing you had never do this…then that chute opens…you hit the ground HARD….wind knocked out of you and get up and think
“Okay…..may well be I didn’t know all I thought I did, I was probably to over confidant about how this was going to go and how I would feel once all was said and done.

You get up…..try to shake it off…only to look around and discover you jump buddy (your life partner) hit the ground ..even without having to go to the reserve chute…


They’re not getting up.


I need a break  to find my buddy Jack….trying to do this way isn’t any easier than the other way.

Funny how that shit works out…… just when ya think ya got a plan and it will come together without a hitch…..ya’no?
Part two up soon……I hope.

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  1. Take the “being cucked” out of it, and the poly piece… Fits. Slammed, hard. Against the ground with no chute. And it was Me, laying there stunned and breathless, while my boyfriend administered triage and my husband hopped up out of his chute and checked out the terrain, saying “Hey c’mon! Get up! Let’s go get coffee!”


    And then today (literally, today… bad day, Serendipity… ugh), almost a year later… It’s that same husband who is experiencing free-fall/fall-out and freaking. the fuck. out.

    And that same boyfriend who is administering triage.


    We all hit life’s curveballs with a different stroke. To anyone who thinks this is what they want: Don’t assume you’re gonna hit it out of the park on the first try.

    When it comes to managing multiple partners ~ partners you LOVE (and I have to pretty emotionally vested for anyone to come near my body these days; I ain’t no spring chicken) ~ it can sometimes be a ball, but it ain’t not game. It’s *complicated* and it’s about *people* not body parts.

    Anyone who thinks this is easy is a fucking moron.


  2. I don’t know what sucks more…being the one who is free falling…or trying to catch the one in free fall…so I am feeling every word of the above.

    We have all three hit free fall points…and sometimes we hit the ground ……before anyone realized we were in the free fall.

    {{{hugs from one scared heart to another}}}


  3. writingthebody permalink

    Aww….I wouldjust love it if you used that cruel Vulcan mind on me….more seriously, a great post….thanks….always interested.


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