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What IS kink?

by on March 16, 2013

Guy number two has this “thing” for ear lobes.

He doesn’t like ear lobes that are “droopy or to large”. He doesn’t like an ear lobe that has a bunch of piercings in them.

(and considering what I discovered…I understand WHY he doesn’t like multiple ear piercings.)

The guy has a habit of spending as much time nibbling, sucking and kissing my ear lobes as most men would spend on a nipple or clit.

These things are enough to have him passing on a woman who otherwise would fit right into his ideal idea of sex partner.  I laughed at him one night until I had tears in my eyes as we discussed this. The conversation came out of nowhere.  He’d kissed my neck then nipped my ear lobe and whispered in my ear:

“God you have the sexiest ear lobes!”

I’ve been told a lot of things on my body are sexy…but NEVER my ear lobes. I think it was the look on my face that sent him to explain his fascination with my ear lobes and he went on to tell me he sorta had the hots for a friend who was with me the night I met him but the reason I “won”


*insert smart-assed wide eyed mock shock here*

I WON???


 Yeah —ohh lucky me!! Gee whiz—–do me another fucking favor buddy.


The reason I “won”……..

What turned him off her…was her ear lobes. He said when she flipped her hair back and he saw her ear lobes and all her ear rings……his “unit deflated” (his words not mine).

My hair was short at the time and I wore it pushed back behind my ears so my ear lobes were exposed the minute we locked eyes….and he did admit he checked out my ear lobes and they made him woozy. I had on a small pair of hoops that night……I remember what I had on because he kept sucking the hoop into his mouth, then working his way to get to my ear lobe….and he told me that night …small hoop earrings, for him, were what women looked best in……that stuck in my mind somewhere because at a later date that comment surfaced in my brain.)

One night getting ready to go out to dinner I put on two sets of ear rings… soon as I walked out of the bathroom the look on his face told me he wasn’t happy with what he was looking at.

I asked “WHAT?”

He said he didn’t like the two sets of ear rings….

I said “Tuff nuts dude”…and left them on…..but before the night was over I did take one pair off.

He’d got up to go the men’s room and he came back I handed them to him.

He smiled, blushed and said “Thank you.” (Last I knew the damn things were dangling from the rear view mirror of his car.)

It wasn’t until he bent down and kissed one of my ear lobes that I realized he been avoiding them while I had on two sets of ear rings.

And that was the end of that.

I didn’t bother to ask WHY he didn’t like two pair.

I left the second pair on for a while to make my point:

He wasn’t going to tell me how to dress in any way, shape or form……but I didn’t mind accommodating him……… and I made that point when I handed him the ear rings. Until the night…some months later…we had the conversation about my ear lobes…I had no idea why two pairs bugged him.

The friend I was with that night was knockout hotty and 10 years younger than me…..and I knew he’d spent part of the evening flirting with her and I had always wondered WHY he lost interest in her. I was a bit dumbfounded when I found out it was because she had “saggy ear lobes”.

I’m chuckling as I type this…..not because it is “funny-funny”…

It just prove it takes all kinds to make this world go round.

The point is…..for him…….. ear lobes ARE a kink……it is something he has to have in a certain way or he won’t be aroused….and it’s not the only “not BDSM related” kink the guy has….and it’s been a hell of a lot of fun finding out what trips his horny breakers.

Gee…if it wasn’t for the fact I have sexy ear lobes…….my husband wouldn’t be cucked and I wouldn’t have another man to keep up with.

*shaking fist in air*

Damn my sexy ear lobes.

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  1. Eargasms.


  2. There’s a fetish for every part of the body.


    • Yay! You came! 😀

      Um… I didn’t mean that how it sounded. 😛

      Madame Serendipity, this is my kinkster friend Wild. Wild, meet my friend Madame Serendipity. (That’s not her real name, it’s just what I call her.) And her husband, Monssieur Notasub. (Also not his real name; just what I call him.)


  3. *Pulls out my very best Ellie Mae Clampett hick twang thang*

    Howdy do, Wild—- nicetuh meechya.

    (Monssieur Notasub is sitting here shaking his head……cuz he thinks Mrs. Fever may be my cosmic ornery twin, and thinks the Universe may be in trouble if no one is keeping an eye on us.)


    • *shaking head sorrowfully*

      Tch, tch… Methinks the Universe is not the only thing that’s “in trouble”….. 😛


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