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B.A.D. men chapter 2

by on February 13, 2013

Build A Domme men.

Looking at search term stats this morning and saw one that put a knot in my gut.

“Trying to turn me into me Domme.”

My gut tells me this was a woman looking for information on the lifestyle.

While she bumped around the internet trying to find the right key words she needed to get information she may have been excited even thrilled at the idea of taking control of a man by using BDSM and FemDom.

My gut tho…….my gut…………say’s more than likely she was frightened, confused, frantic and maybe in tears.

Her whole world just went upside down because she either stumbled into his internet FemDom porn stash or he brought the topic up and blindsided her with it.

She may have discovered some email, correspondence between her partner and an on line Domme or found he’d subscribed to one of the many service out there for “on line” training for male subs.

Maybe he handed her one of the many books out there to help him “groom her” into being the Domme he wants.

Could be he blindsided her by dropping the concept of female domination on her by surprising her with links to sites in her email so she could “see” what he wants.

Might be he “accidently on purpose” left a web site open knowing she would see it and hoping she would “get it” and want to be the Domme for him.

Maybe she has put up with him pushing her for kinky play for weeks, months, years even.

Just a few ways I know of first hand that women have had the idea of bringing BDSM and FemDom into their relationship by their partner.

Take out “finding the correspondence with an on line Domme and the signing up for a sub training course” keep in the frightened, confused, frantic and in tears, add crying buckets of tears…….. and I am pretty much speaking of how I ended up finding about my own partner’s interest and cravings for BDSM styled female domination.

This blog will be a “two for one”…….I will NOT defend the actions of men who try to introduce the lifestyle this way to the woman in their life but I will try to give some insight from my perspective that is born from the scars of going through an introduction that damn near broke me and my marriage.

But that’s part two.

Part one is to offer friendship to these women who are searching to understand why their world just went upside down. A place to decompress, ask questions, vent, be angry and find a way to comprehend everything they are coping with, helping them find the emergency brake handle for the emotional roller coaster car they are sitting in.

It isn’t meant to be formal therapy.

nor should it replace formal therapy.

I am not a licensed therapist.

I am a woman who has “been here done this, got the t-shits(s) and scars to prove it” and may be able to offer some kind of insight and a place to catch her breathe as she battles the kink beast that resides in the man she has some kind of an emotional attachment to. To find a way to battle, cope with and understand that part of her partner’s nature.

If this is you, feel free to use the comment section to unload, vent, ask questions and look for a way to find your balance from having the wind knocked out of you.

I can offer an ear, a shoulder, cyber coffee (with the occasional shot of Jack poured in for some liquid courage) and a place free of porn influenced notions of what FemDom is, the aspect of BDSM and the connection to FemDom

Maybe take the edge off the knot in your own gut and the mind numbing fear of what he is asking for.

Part two coming up…….

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