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by on February 20, 2015

If you are a 50 Shades fan….
I suggest you exercise your right to self-censoring.

Close the blog now.

I was so going to stay away from the 50 shades discussions……but four emails in the last 24 hours asking me what I think about it………..I am going in.

(Shit’s only knee-deep……… if you go in head first)

This will be a C&P reply for any and all who bring up that topic in my part of the burbs and in my burb mail box.

Yes, I did read the books…….not because I was interested in the story line……..I read them because I am an advocate of SSC/RACK BDSM…….in order to combat a misinformed author thus a bad story line.


I read all three because I needed to know the material.

No I did not see the movie.

I rarely watch movies that are scripted “adapted for screen play” versions of books I read. I can do more in my own mind than any script writer can ever do for me.
All 50 shades did for me…..

In my mind…..…

Was piss me off…………. because it gives those of us who are SSC /RACK practitioners of the BDSM lifestyle more to battle against in the process of trying to get out from under the creepy, unscrupulous, degenerate freaks umbrella.


wait…….make that…


I do not think it is a good idea to offer this type of reading to a partner to introduce them to the BDSM lifestyle….the author and the story line……has it


So many others have said it better than I ever could…..

Just Google
“What’s wrong with 50 shades/How 50 shades gets it wrong” and read-read-read.
If you want to offer reading material to your partner about female dominant relationships…


For anyone wanting to bring up the topic of kink……look for a book titled
“When Someone You Love is Kinky”
It’s an easy read and not scary as hell.

You read it ……..then ask your partner to read it……you read it first… you know what is there if your partner chooses to read it…..and wants to discuss it.
I will not respond to women who write to me asking about finding a male dom………or about being a submissive. I will not respond to men who ask how to approach a female partner about submission to them as the Master.

Why am I being a hard ass?

I’m not……

I am being respectful of a whole group that I have no business speaking for.
There isn’t a single ounce of submissive in me…so asking me what a submissive woman might think…is wasted effort…I have no idea HOW they think. Asking me how to ask a woman to submit…nope….no answers here.

I will not insult/devalue an entire assemblage of women and their Masters………. by pretending I do know.

I have no opinion on being a submissive because I have no experience with being submissive in any part of my life.
There are plenty of well written blogs on word press that offer excellent information for would be female submissives and for male partners who have questions about being a responsible Master.

(Clue: Christian is not a responsible Master.)

People PLEASE!!

Do your due diligence.

BDSM is dangerous if you don’t understand what you are getting into. Not just on a physical level but also on an emotional level. Offering submission leaves you in a very vulnerable position on many, many levels.

Guys….heads up:

Offering this “info” to your wife to get her to think about being your Domme…taking her to see this movie hoping she will “get the hint”….

You might as well offer her Chilton auto repair manuals, auto mechanics books, a couple of J.C. Whitney catalogs….. down load a few you tube vids on auto mechanics…..then suggest she read/watch them…


ask her to guide you thru/train you……. in the theory of quantum mechanics.

Yeah….it is kinda like that.


*who is now off to do some C&P emailing*

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    • Thanks Lady Feve! 🙂

      Great example!

      I put in the words or s Google search……
      “How 50 shades gets it wrong”

      Folks…see for yourself:

      Not just how wrong 5-0 got it…but also how wrong it can go when someone doesn’t grasp how wrong 5-0 did get it.

      Notice some of the info goes back as far as 2011…when the books hit the shelves..or I mean vanity press sales slots. 😛

      The debate was going on long before even the idea of the movie was in the’s not like the ones making the movie didn’t have a hint of what they were going to be dealing with if they used the E.L.’s plot line FOR a movie.

      I got the first notice for the first story…….how I found out abut the first story…on my Amazon suggested reading list…..I have searched BDSM, FemDom and Poly info books on Amazon… gee…I guess the powers that be there…… just figured I was primed for some good mommy porn.

      No harm……no foul…I have lived with a man who had a hard time sorting real time from fantasy…for a (to damn long) while.

      I knew how to sort….. long before 50 shades started the debates it has.

      Thank gawd and greyhounds…..them days are GONE!!

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