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by on February 2, 2015

No…not the D/s kind…..I mean the kind I need to be a better “keeper of my blog.”

I got the notice the fees were due to renew my blog site….a few weeks ago.


It was something I kept saying

“Okay go find your purse, dig out a credit card and get this done.”

over and over again about.

I was always thwarted by
butterflies…..and shiny things.

This morning I realized I was at the “do or die” date of the renewal.
grimacing face

I scrambled to find my purse…dig out a credit card and get the dang renewal processed.
Now…the question is…did I waste my bucks on the renewal because I can’t find the discipline to avoid the distraction of butterflies and shiny things?

I hope not.


Cross your fingers for me….

  1. Hello, you. 🙂


  2. Holy smokes. You and your blog were among the ingredients I thought were necessary for my then vanilla wife, now Mistress Wife to find sanity in the FLM world. The prospect that you’ll not be too distracted to continue your wonderful blog is, well, awesome. Welcome back to the party!!


  3. Arbrown permalink

    I have soo missed your snarky self. Welcome back


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