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by on July 5, 2014

Well…almost afraid..

To even attempt to get into the rhythm of blogging again.

But then fear is a great motivator, right?

Seems like every time I set my sites on getting back to being a good caretaker of my part of the blog universe …..about the time I think I have a good rhythm …the universe sees fit to yank the proverbial rug right out from under us.

I’m back….but looking over my shoulder to see if the universe is pointing a finger and laughing……. at me.

To answer a question that has been asked six times in the last three weeks:

No we haven’t abandoned the blog.

We may live 24-7 D/s and FLR….but this female has no control over how the universe is going to roll…and as hard as I try…as much as I wish I could……I can’t Domme it into not rolling over us if we don’t attempt to shift with it.

So…….. we shift and rock and roll and hope when things settle we still have our facilities and wits about us.

As the roll slows…the voices who navigate the narrative for the blog material come out from hiding and proceed to invade all my thoughts.

Things have slowed here and the blog narrators are slowly but surely making their presence known and navigating me back to my keyboard for blogging reasons.

(Yippy…..I think)


Next question I want to answer:

Yes I do still plan to blog about the toys we have in our toy box.

Mother Nature took a huge swipe at my house and my car about the time that line of thought hit the navigators. They have not forgotten the things they were yelling at me when Mother nature threw all her might at us. We will get back on that track in the next week or so.


And one more response to emails…….

Before I slid out of the blog universe…..

To deal with that real world stuff like:

Doing “long distance mommy triage “ to help a sick son who is babysitting for three sick kids.

Balance my check book because I think I may have made a $243.87 mistake and if I bounce a check out of stupidity Monssieurnotasub is going to really remember he’s not a sub and become a rather irritated husband



Then…. with luck ……slip into a tub of hot as I can stand it water with a glass (how am I kidding it will be a bottle) of wine right after I hang a do not disturb sign on the bathroom door!

Sooooooo……….where was I?

Oh yeah……email response!


I don’t care how many times you write me or names you call me….and this will be the one and only time I address your folly.

I am not going to approve your comments because you are looking for a place to hawk you porn wares—– whose theme is of a nature that negates everything the Suburban Domme stands for.


There are plenty of tits out there on the FemDom cash cow… move along………….I refuse to be another boob.

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  1. Ugh. Mother nature? Yikes. I’ve been there. I hope everything is okay, my friend.

    It sounds like you have a whole lot of balls in the air. Perhaps it’s time to get a few of them in a vise. 😉


  2. Great to hear from you! I always appreciate your total no nonsense way. And between you and Mrs. Fever, you have a great comedy thing going!


  3. You know, some of us sure miss you out here. Sure hope everything is going well in your world.


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