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Odds are…

by on March 30, 2014




Odds are going to lead to some odd assumption!

Monssieurnotasub and I found ourselves in a hilarious but odd set of circumstances last night that will have both of us chuckling for a long time. I’m sitting here this morning still chuckling and thinking just how odds are odd.

We are both rabid NCAA football fans…but not for the same team. We are both lifelong fans of the team we support and being married to someone who isn’t in the same camp has always made for some raucous fun, we learned a long time ago…… to agree to disagree.

The end result of the odds colliding…put us in a circumstance with a complete stranger telling him if she (the stranger) met up with someone like me…… she’d slap me. She was a fan of his team and she assumed…since I was with him…I had to be a fan of the same team. The conversation was sparked by the team jersey Monssieurnotasub was wearing and it didn’t dawn on her that the chance a supporter of the team she despised so much she would slap a fan of that team, might be in the vicinity of someone who supported her team….much less be the partner of the one who supported her team.


Had she been more alert to her surroundings, she would have noticed my shirt reflected my own choice of teams. In her defense the team colors are almost identical….so unless she actually paid attention to the team logo…it wasn’t so “odd” to think I supported his team.


It is a running joke here:

“We fly the same colors——

But we don’t support the same wins and losses!”


She thought I was flying her team’s colors and shared in the “blues of the loss” solidarity.


Still with me?

I’m not a “math friendly person” so trying to work the numbers on the odds here…not gonna happen. A wild guess tho would say the odds of this working out this way ………probably not astronomically out there…but out there…… in the high-end range to some degree.

Safe bet tho….

Odds are…..

Odds are going to lead us to odd assumption…odds are odd assumption are going to create some kind of misunderstanding and/or miscommunication.

This all really came home to roost as I was going thru my email this morning.

The “odds” I am going to get an email from a man telling me just how much is wife/girl friend is like me……but she just won’t attempt to “Domme him” sexually ……….one in every two. Those odds aren’t so odd …….because my blog is geared toward getting hits from guys like this (or more for women who are trying to figure out a guy like this.)

Metaphors to follow—-deal with it.


To these guys who keep telling me “essentially” their unwilling partner is flying the same colors I fly and they don’t understand why she won’t just grab a crop and bark orders and beat him into the submission he so ardently craves…..


Is she really flying the same colors I fly…


Does she just happen to have on a shirt that is the same color as the one I wear?

Are you paying attention to the team name on the colors she is flying?

Just because she “sounds like me” doesn’t mean she is flying “Team Domme” colors.

It just means she owns a few shirts in the same colors I own.

From → Nuts and bolts

  1. The “odds” I am going to get an email from a man telling me just how much is wife/girl friend is like me……

    Well here’s another one, albeit without the complaining that my wife just doesn’t get it like you do. Instead, she does get and as a result, so do I. I get in on my ass, in my ass and a variety of other things that goes along with your random routines ideas of what a loving FLM is all about.

    And yes, she is very much like you! As a matter of fact, she very much likes you too. So much so in fact that she referred a friend of hers that is trying to discover a way to introduce D/s and FLM into her own marriage. The only difference between she and thee seems to be that she is not interested in the cuckold kink (as far as I can tell).

    In any event, always a pleasure to see a new post from you. Mistress and I will continue to be loyal followers.


    • That kind of “sounds like me” I can handle……it’s the ones who are trying to get me on board with convincing their partner because she sounds like me…she can be me…that I don’t deal with.

      Love loyal followers, glad you enjoyed this post…but ummmm….

      You wrote:

      The only difference between she and thee seems to be that she is not interested in the cuckold kink (as far as I can tell).

      Either ask her or stop trying to guess…….. and leave it alone. 😉


      • “Either ask her or stop trying to guess…….. and leave it alone.”

        Fair enough. I unintentionally implied that wondering if she had an interest in cuckness was something I do or have done. I may have once, we talked about it (because it is not uncommon in the Female Led world) like we talk about everything else. She doesn’t have an interest and therefore I don’t wonder. The “(as far as I can tell)” part was a lazy attempt at levity.

        That being said, your advice to “leave it alone” is to the point, spot-on and like always well received.

        Thanks !!!!!! Keep being awesome!


      • *snicker and grin*

        Been there done that……


        “Oh man—that made more sense and sounded funnier in my head” 😉

        So you two have discussed and she’s said “NO”. …good for you for not wondering…or wandering with the notion.

        See…now that makes sense and sounds in good in my own head—LOL…out here??
        Maybe not so much. 😮

        And I hate to keep changing the colors on rose tinted glasses my readers may own…but I need to make a shade adjustment here:

        (because it is not uncommon in the Female Led world)

        It’s not AS common as the *porn influenced media might lead one to believe either.
        I communicate with somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 women who align themselves with the “FemDom-FLR/FLM” mind set and they do so in varying degrees.

        Out of that 75ish….I have consistent contact with 25ish…..out of that 25ish…I only know three who want a cuck or poly dynamic to the relationship they share with their primary…..out of the 75ish…same number goes…..and I am one of those three in 25ish ( or 75ish.)

        Looking at those numbers—that have been static in my world for over five years now…..wouldn’t it be wise to postulate…… that yet again……odds are…odds are going to lead to odd assumption? 😉

        I know more people who don’t consider themselves part of the “FemDom-FLR/FLM” spectrum who are cuck or poly types…then I do inside that spectrum.

        (* Porn influence
        Male agenda based—because the male agenda is what creates the cash cow of FemDom porn for the most part. Not a bad thing….I am all for capitalism…..but I will always be on a mission to break the stereotypes that cash cow creates)


    • I love what W/we learn from you. One of the things that Mistress and i loved about your blog words (and the main reason for being loyal fans) was the eloquent way in which you cut through the bullsh*t and cut right to the accurate portrayal of the realities in this life and others. Yet here I was making a careless, generalized, porn-influenced media. I apologize for making that careless assumption. You’d think i know better by now.

      I still think you are a lot like her though … so there! *smile

      Thanks for the guidance!


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