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Ha! Ha! Jokes on ME!

by on May 2, 2013

Ha! Ha! Jokes on ME!
Here……….. in the comment section:


The chatter from both E.S. and Mrs Fever…and my husband…..about
“Got what I asked for but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it too!”


I can’t count the times we argued about how he got what he wanted….he just didn’t get it the WAY he wanted it… he thought he had a right to get bent out of shape over the fact he wasn’t really getting what he asked for.

Everything in our “FemDom-D/s” life is built on a foundation of what he asked for…….because it wasn’t MY idea!!

—Following the bouncing ball—-same song, next verse: I’m not hard wired for the BDSM kink he craves—–

So I had nothing to start the foundation with….so I had to use his ideas to get something started……..and he told me to:

“Do it my way—not his way—because he needed to be sure I was doing it for myself—not just him—so it was important that even if I used his ideas—I use them in a way that was my own, made them my own…. and not his—cuz that’s how he wanted it to be—–he wanted it to be my idea–no matter what it was I did” And so I took his ideas and turned them into things I could do…things that appealed to me…so he did GET what he asked for…….he just didn’t get it the way he expected it to be…….it doesn’t look like what he thought it would look like….so he sometimes doesn’t see he got what he asked for! Cuz I did what he asked for…I took HIS KINK and turned into something that works for me! By damned he did get what he asked for!

 SO often…..we get exactly what we ask for……. but it doesn’t look the same once it comes to life….it doesn’t look like what we had built up in our own thoughts….so we wonder if we really got what we wanted/asked for.

Me…I got what I asked for…….what I was begging for……..I got it and here I am miserable with getting what I asked for!

I am pain free….and higher than a kite……… to be that way.

I don’t like this any —-more—–than—–I liked being in pain…in fact hells bells!!

Call me H.A.M.—- half assed masochist–I preferred the damned pain over this spacey stuff.

I could function while in pain……the space cadet stuff……cripes
*eye roll here*

Ground control to Major Tom.  *doffing hat to Bowie fans—-read into it however you wish*


Right now I am wondering if the cure is worse than the disease.

Now I am going to pass my lap top to Monssieur Notasub…..for an edit for clarity ( ha ha ha jokes on him NOW!) then a proof read and deal with damned dashboard and getting it posted.

I’m going to get a shot of Pepto-B … make the room stop spinning.

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  1. My gosh, that sounds miserable. I *hate* feeling out of control. So feeling “higher than a kite” sounds positively hideous to me. And coupled with the room-spinny vertigo…


    Hugs, Madame.


    • I would have to say most of the time what we ask for looks different than the reality.


    • Thanks for the hugs, much, much appreciated. 🙂

      I have been trying to avoid anything “invasive” as far as the remedy for the pain…..but with the problems I am having with these new meds…Doc says we may have no choice but to go the invasive route….at this point…I’m on board with that because I can’t take much more of the hand holding/baby sitting I have to have when I have the whole “pain control” cocktail on board.

      I know for Monssieur Notasub it is a dream come (cum?)true to have me this dependent on him…but for me it is a nightmare!

      I don’t do “damsel in distress” very well.
      *bares teeth and growls*

      I kill my own fucking spiders….by gawd I bait my own hook……I can gap my own spark plugs and I furshoreasHELL…don’t need no man to baby sit me…and justggggrrrrrrrr!!!

      *eye roll and scrunched angry face here*

      ( And somewhere in the back of my mind…..I hear my grandma yelling
      “Stop that before it freezes that way!”


      • Oh, I *hear* you, my friend.

        Except for the spider-killin’. Cuz… Aaaaaaccck! Kill it! Kill it! OhmyGodwhyisthis fuckingspiderintheshowerwithme?!? KILL!!!! IT!!!! NOOOOOW!!!!!!!!


        I’ve had some bad experiences with arachnids.



    • okay now I am getting pissed…….word press isn’t letting me reply where I want to……
      (And this where Monssieur Notasub would point out most likely the issues is O.E. not SW/E.)


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