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Oh please…OH PLEASE……Really PLEASE…let this be a translation software fluke

by on April 6, 2013

 BDSM cat eating

I truly hope……

The one who was surfing with this search string…

English wasn’t their first language

And they were looking for vid clips or stories about cunnilingus……

(Oh please tell me the word pussy is what they meant)

  1. ankoku1331 permalink

    Well that is a new search term alright.


  2. I don’t want to burst your Happy Bubble, Serendipity… But there are some seriously sick fucks out there. 😦


    • And Monssieur Notasub…was sippin his coffee when I read it out loud…..and he choked as he tried to swallow as he gagged and then slobbered the words “Damnthat’sjustSICK” all as ONE word

      Sad but true…oh so true. 😦


  3. I am going with the illusion that they meant pussy. I know there are some sick fuckers out there but I would rather not think about them. Unless they are invading my bubble or my child’s bubble. I think I have dealt with enough in my life.
    This one time, i was about 17, my girlfriend was messing around with this guy and his roommate asked me if I wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. I was like sure why not, it was better than watching those two. This asshole took me to a place I had no idea where the fuck I was. (my sense of direction sucks, which is one of the reasons I am always working with my daughter on her sense of direction, in the hopes that she never feels trapped as I have because of it)
    we get off the bike, look around and I turn around and he is masturbating.
    I am like what the fuck.
    Now had I known where the fuck I was I would of just walk away.
    Instead I just kept asking if he was done yet. He kept saying well if I had help, ya buddy that is not going to happen, are you done yet?
    I know this story isn’t as sick as the thoughts of a cat, but it still is sick. He finally did finish and gave me a ride back, I grabbed my girlfriend and we were out of there. I never seen him again. thank God.


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