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Locked up update:

by on March 17, 2013


This is the Domme Lady……I hijacked his spot for a bit.

*evil grin*

He’s still locked up….. amazingly—his words this morning getting dressed:

“Damn-damn this things hurt sometimes!!”

But he has yet to blink and outright ask to be let out.

It’s not so much out of the fact I am “forcing” him to stay locked up; it’s more about the real world keeps getting in the way of session time to let him out.

I had plans for this afternoon…..but he had to go into the office for a while and by the time he was home… number three had my attention so he had to get in line.

He took a shower, plopped down on the sofa beside me, buck naked……..fiddling with the birdlock CB on his dick…… if to remind me he was in lock up.

When I didn’t bother to acknowledge the dingy in the thingy……..

…………………………………………………………………..and continued my on-line chatting with guy number three……

He sidled off to the bedroom pouting.

Not a huge bratty whiney pout but enough to let me know he was in a hurry to get HIS turn with the Domme Lady.

Before he got out of ear shot……

I reminded him it was his own damned fault he has to get in line……..“cuz he didn’t mind sharing” and he better not get pissy because I took him at his word…….. so many years later.

Right after I finished my chat with guy number three…the phone rang…it was guy number two.

I chatted with him for a few minutes and told him I would give him a call back later this evening, I had some things to take care of and he said

“Oh you mean HIM.”

And to that I said

“Good bye dear.”

I walked into the bedroom all revved and ready to pounce Domme style on the suburban submissive…..

To find him sacked out–dead to the world–sounding like log saw.




For the

“Well you should have


 I would have


He isn’t


You aren’t”

crowd…..until you have some real life experience at having to really live with someone and understand nothing looks the same in real life as it does on paper and vid…..spare me comments, purty please.

Why I didn’t go ahead and force his sorry ass out of bed and make him play BDSM games…..well…darlins bubble poppin time……..that’s just how it goes in the real world burbs.

A half-awake grumpy —–worn out dead tired—- man doesn’t make for a good play partner…EVER.



So goes D/s life in the burbs…..

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