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Is that you?

by on March 17, 2013



2:52 p.m.


(The reason for that:

In case someone stumbles on this post in my blog they won’t think I am habitually stalking search terms)

This afternoon I have been a bit “electronically tethered” thanks to guy number three.

During down time (read here: he’s gotta pee or get more coffee or let the cats in/out) I have been watching the stats on my blog.

*laughing at myself*

Like we all needed one more thing besides a mirror, full length glass door, or a huge store window …..that proverbial pool of water  that reflects our image… be covert narcissistic creatures.

Cuz come on…if we weren’t just a wee bit of buzz seeking exhibitionist and a tiny bit narcissistic in the process….. we wouldn’t be putting ourselves out here on this worldwide internet thing.


Right ?


There’s been four search hits with the same theme…different wording….but same exact theme……the theme is

“How do I do this FemDom domme thing/stuff that my man is into?”

(Or! Maybe it is a guy looking for a way to bring the topic up to his partner….one never knows and I hate to make an ASS out of U and ME.)

I don’t know if it’s just a fluke and four different people are trying to get to that kind of info today or if it is one person who keeps hitting the “WTF” lottery of hitting MY ramblings every time they run a search.

So if this is you…

Say hello…cyber *wave*

I promise my bark is worse than my bite…..

I have all my shots and I rarely leave a scar….

If I do…..

I promise to leave some cyber-salve that will help make the scar less painful and visible.


Don’t be shy!

Say HI!

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