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If you had peeked into my bedroom window

by on March 16, 2013

 about ten minutes ago…this is what you would have witnessed….

He is on the floor…on his hands and knees….dick locked up tight….naked and panting.

I am sitting on the bed…..filing a broken finger nail……watching him struggle.

The rug he is on is rough and gouging his knees he shifts to ease the pain.

I laugh at him and say

“Serves you right you silly lazy boy……. you wouldn’t be there if you had done as I told you.”

He grunts and mumbles something.

“Back talk, really?” I say.

I kick one of my mules at him, it bounces off his right butt cheek and he winces.

I say

“Pussy, come on…you’re the maso “gimme all you got and more” king from the waist down, you can handle me kicking yon in the nuts and leading you around with an alligator clip clamped on the sac……… but you can’t take my house slipper bouncing off you ass? Really?”

I kick my other mule at him and it bounces off his left shoulder. Again the wince and this time a bit of a yelp.

Then I hear him saying, more chanting, under his breath………..

“Oh shit—-oh shit–ohshitohshitohshit………. OH SHIT!”

His squirming gets more frantic, his panting more intense, and the groans getting louder…….


He pops up on to his knees hands waving in the air, flaccid birlocked dick flopping wildly.

He almost yells:

“Thank God I found it! Damn how did it get kicked under the bed?”

In his trembling hand………… he has the key to the lock on his cb device.


Thought I was writing about a  D/s  session at our place?


Just another night in the burbs……and writing about the Dingy S.A.M. who forgot to put the key to his birdlock back in the night stand drawer (I’d reminded him twice since he put it on to make sure the key got put away safe) and discovered it was missing when he went to grab it to put it on the chain I wear around my neck with key to his cb6000 on it.

Silly S.A.M….

It’s a good thing he’s so damned cute.

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