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Writtingthebody is turning into quite a muse for me. *grins*

by on March 15, 2013

I think I need to sit on the soap box and speak in calm voice for a bit

( *embarrassed blush*)

This is a C&P snip of a reply I just left for writtingthebody.


Its frustration…..and not angry frustration.

I’m not angry at men at all…….in fact I’m not angry about anything. I am vocal and passionate to the point of being a zealot at times (insert sorta *shamed blush here*)

It really is hard to be angry at men for doing what they are told to do…by people who don’t have a clue.

“Passive submission” is a constant theme for the standard male agenda based ( and most of which is written by men with female pen names)FemDom porn fare and the market overall is driven BY what the male wants to see/hear.

Think of it as trying to clean up someone’s diet to get them healthy and feeling better…..….. it’s not fair to be angry at someone who’s diet consists of junk food then wants to spit out healthy food when it is served to them.

I couldn’t afford to BE angry about that…anger is wasted emotion.

I had to go to work finding ways to make the “healthy food” look tantalizing and more interesting than the junk food.

Sometimes it takes “tuff luv” to get my husband to drop the junk food and come have a taste of the healthy food and see not only is the healthy food better tasting…it makes him feel better too!

It’s not anger at all……..
It’s “let’s fix this so you feel better”


Honest folks……..

I am not angry……I am a bit off the charts loony fanatical when it comes to personal responsibly/accountability

and I am a huge fan of

“Tuff Luv”.

I don’t do tea and sympathy….

I do shots of Jack and empathy.

I don’t own rose colored glasses ( I threw them damn things right out the car window the day my husband told me it was okay for me to bed other men)

I don’t own kid gloves, I tend to shoot from the hip….but I don’t use a closed fist and a slap is never full force.

I have faith in mankind.

I know with the ample diverse information and rational, logical motivation…….. people who want better, people who want to change…WILL.

The ones that don’t… won’t…….and well…

In the mighty words of Jesus…

“Come along…let the dead bury their dead”.

I know for every one person who sticks around and stays with my blog….probably ten or more others walk away and I am fine with that.

I don’t need to be liked, its not a goal in life to see how many people I can collect who “like me”.

I’m not easy to like! I know that!

I’m not ashamed of it and I can’t and I won’t  “change” to be liked.

The ones who walk…….what was here didn’t appeal to them and that’s their right…it’s a free world.

The ones who stay…..I’m glad they found me and my intensity worth sticking around for.

Life’s short…

Don’t sweat the petty stuff…

And don’t pet sweaty stuff

~Unless you know where it’s been 😉  ~

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  1. writingthebody permalink

    I suspect you are too kind to me! I love you for that….


  2. writingthebody permalink

    And thank you….


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