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Oh yippie!

by on March 14, 2013


I’m in lock up. I stayed home from work today to deal with some personal business that has me ready to put my fist through a wall.  Insurance companies, do I need to say more?

I guess the Domme Lady here figured out I was stressing out. I ran to town to grab take out for dinner and when I got home she’d put out a pair of silk panties and the birdlock punisher. This is a new toy for us. I have only worn it for a couple of hours the night we got it,  so I am excited and nervous to find out what it will be like to be in lock up for a while.

I have to admit I am surprised she has put me in lock up because as she has said she isn’t real hip with the idea. I know when she does use the CB device she is up to something ornery but I also know it is her way of saying she up to staying in constant Domme mode for a few days and that makes my whole body tingle and my mind race. It also means I am going to have to be on my best behavior or she will strip me of the CB and the teasing and play will stop.  It becomes a real challenge to make sure I am not being a pain for her; the longer I am in lock up the more I forget to focus on her and start getting greedy about getting what I want from her. Sitting here thinking about it now I wonder if she’s not trying to use me for an  illustration for what she has been blogging about for the last couple of days.

  1. writingthebody permalink

    You two are so funny! Did you read what she said about this? And you are a total sweetie…enjoy it while it lasts.


  2. LMAO! Yes he’s been reading along……the goofus!

    Well, well, wellllllllllll…………….my dear little suburban submissive….

    *sticking tongue out*

    Yes, yes I did….. I noticed you were stressing and I know the quickest way to get you to chill is amp up the kink factor.

    *batting eyes innocently*

    And you use for an illustration?

    *adjusting halo being careful to not nick a finger on the horns holding it up*

    Why gosh babe, would I do THAT?


  3. I laughed at my husband as he was getting ready for work this morning. The birdlock punisher is a bit more uncomfortable then he expected.

    The “bridlock punisher” has small silicone spikes in the tip.

    Not so painful on the fingertip….on dick tip….ummm yeah.

    This is MY idea of having fun with his kinks; when he really is at my mercy not pretending to be so he can get me to “Domme him.”

    I have a funny feeling he may be ready to get out of lock up before I am rady to let him out of lock up…….wonder who will blink first.

    *evil laughter fills the room*


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