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The Suburban Submissive

by on March 15, 2013

Yeah…that guy……

My husband.

I torment the man to no end and sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it.

I am my own worst enemy some days when his kink beast is out of control.

My personality agitates the domination fetishist in him. It took me a long time to make sense of how I was causing a lot of the confusion that went on between us.

I am a rowdy, ornery, short, hour-glass figure red-head. I am an outrageous flirt, not the least bit bashful and a bit of an exhibitionist. I dress both classy and trashy, it depends on my mood. Most days I am running round in blue jeans, “Happy Bunny” t- shirts and cowboy boots because I am just an over grown tom boy.

My trashy side is Trashy with a capital T. My skirts and shorts are a little too short and my shirts a little too low and a little to snug. My classy dressing is part of the upside to being married to a money sub…he spares no expense when he shops for me.

He has an eye for what is perfect for my body type and a true skill for getting the perfect colors together for my skin tone. His taste in shoes and boots………to die for. When he plays closet butler for me….and he helps me dress for a classy night out I look like I stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.

I have a sarcastic mouth but I do my damnedest to not be nasty about it. But when need be my tongue is as sharp as a knife. I tend to torment my male friends mercilessly.

I’m not so much bossy but I am straight forward, don’t mince my words and will ask for help when I need it. If I do ask for help I’m not very good at waiting around for someone to do what I asked. I don’t demand it be done but I will make it clear I expect it to be done and what will happen if it isn’t done.

I can pull off a dumb bimbo routine that leaves guys wondering what the hell just hit them when I drop the dumb bimbo act and show them what they are really dealing with in the woman they decided to jack around.

I am an avid NCAA football fan and a rabid NASCAR fan…I can keep up with the boys when it comes to calling stats on either one and I can drink beer like the boys….in fact I can drink most men under the table.

I don’t like fruity drinks…I like Whiskey…neat.

I can’t shoot pool for shit…….. but I can leave any player in a world of hurt trying shoot around the mess I leave on the table. They’ll win but by-god they’ll earn it….and I always leave them with a smile.

I can tell a dirty joke that will make even the hardest critic blush. I abhor bathroom humor but love a good bawdy story.

All this…..adds up to being a  wet dream come true and a nightmare for my husband.

All these parts of my personality stroke  and stoke pretty much every fetish urges he owns.

A lot of days when he is acting out…and his kink beast is being a pest, I have to let him have that for a little bit…because I know….I poked the beast and I didn’t even know I did…until the beast starts humping on my leg.

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  1. Linda permalink

    Now that’s a woman I’d like to know 🙂 I have some of those traits myself.


  2. *chuckling and nodding*
    So you drive your man crazy without realizing it toooooooooooooo? 🙂

    I dooooooooooooooooooooooo have some empathy for my husband when it comes to this “factor” of us.

    Once I started to clue into how all this did have an affect on him…I got more patient with that damned kink beast in his soul.

    Doesn’t mean that beast doesn’t still aggravate me to no end(*head shake and sigh*)….I’ve just learned how to get the beast to sit and stay……… until I have the time and energy to wrangle it.


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