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*Pulling the cap

by on February 16, 2013

off the ~semantic spewing hobgoblin-be-gone~ spray.*

I woke up this morning to find a comment blasting me and my blog.

I figured eventually I would have to deal with such nonsense so it wasn’t a surprise and true to the form of this particular ilk attacked me, my words and the way I choose to live the lifestyle.

This one wanted to challenge everything I have said and argue the minuscule via semantics.

This person didn’t want to discuss anything, all they wanted to do was tell me how wrong I was and how I was “bad for the lifers” who are BDSM players.

I gave some thought to approving the comment then decided not to because the comment didn’t have much merit and would only serve to puff the ego of the one who managed to get their bullshit “True and real and right FemDom” manifesto attached to a blog.

It wasn’t me or my blog they were after…I have no doubt this one surfs the net looking for blogs to pick apart and blow up.

As it is…….with this commentary…..

*insert eye roll and grimace here*

I will be giving this cretin more attention than they deserve……. but I am a “take the bull by the horns” kinda gal.

It was clear in the comment; the person had taken the time to read at least three of the blogs all the way thru and may have read all of the blogs here.

They were fairly precise about the bone they had to pick with me and that bone encompassed more than one topic I have addressed.

People like this always have me shaking my head in both utter awe and disgust. I always wonder what in the world could muster that much ire for something that in the bigger scheme of life is benign.

*insert puzzled look with head shake and eyeroll here*

I am guessing  “my way”  tromps all over the fantasy sand castle this one has built-in the sky, possibly this one felt some sort of conviction as they read my words because they are guilty of tearing another person(or persons) apart to get their own hedonistic needs met.

(Hey, one can HOPE this type has at least a tiny bit of integrity and no I won’t hold my breath for that, I don’t look good in blue.)

Or could be the way I choose to live the lifestyle and voice my views in a way that I hope makes the lifestyle more couple friendly…without charging a fee…..without having to “buy a book” or subscribed to a “here’s how to do this website” will cull the herd of cash cows they are milking.

Could be any of the above and lord only knows how many other reasons this one got their panties in a wad.

When I made the choice to add this to my relationship–to my sex life with my husband—-I had to spend a lot of time dismantling the sand castle in the sky he had built and thank the powers that be he does have some integrity and did feel the heat of the convictions of seeing how wrong he was and the damage he was doing to me and to our marriage when he didn’t use some common sense while trying to “get his way.”

I know what a guy looks, sounds and acts like when someone is pulling apart his pie in the sky built FemDom sand castle and it ain’t pretty.

Am I sorry I may have done this to another man?

Oh hell no.

I am sorry this one chose to pick a fight rather than have an earnest discussion.

Who knows what we could have learned from each other?

The ultimate irony in this breed is the fact they talk out of both side of their mouth.

They are all over the “FemDom is about women being strong and having the ultimate power over men”concept of FemDom……until they come across a woman who won’t march to their lock step notions of how a woman should be as a Fem-Domme.

This one even gave me exact examples of where I was wrong and needed to make changes to be a “real” Fem Domme.

Dude, for real….you wasted your time proselytizing at me.

It’s time you can’t get back and it was squandered time because for me…it was water off this living with a SAM styled 98% submissive FemDomme’s back.

I am not intimidated by “wanna be” posturing.

Wanna come back and have a real discussion?

Be my guest, I’ll be more than happy to put the cap back on the can of semantic spewing hobgoblin-be-gone spray.

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