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A Poked Heart!

by on September 7, 2016

(It’s a good thing! Read on and see why!)

I just got the sweetest email that made me feel a little guilty about ignoring the blog. Time just whizzes by so fast. I just glanced at dates and it looks like my last post was in Jan which was just like four maybe five weeks ago, right?


Yes, I am kidding, no I haven’t slipped my very last cog(yet).


We are alive and well and running at warp speed. We both have ourselves spread way too thin, me with other commitments and him with work. I had this dumb notion when the kids left home there would be more time for “us”.


HA! I don’t know how we have managed it but I think we stay busier now that they are gone. That’s not how this is supposed to go is it? It doesn’t help that we have taken to rescuing four- legged fur babies that need a loving home. They have come to use a little damaged and need lots of TLC and that’s where my free time goes these days.


Eragasmguy is alive and well and still around…tho why…….I’ll never understand……LOL. Second fiddle is never a great spot in the kink orchestra. But he is still plodding along with us….as we all try to keep things moving forward and keep the positives to what we do and how we do it….. in mind.

(Not easy…but we muddle thru)


To be honest the blog sat neglected for another reason:

I felt like I was repeating myself.

I get a fairly constant stream of emails from people who stumble their way across the blog and most of it is “Hey how do I get my wife to do this to me?” and that……. annoys the hell out of me. If they had bothered to read the blog with just one eye open and both hands on the key board……..they would have figured out I am the wrong person to be asking “how” to get a wife to “do this to them”. It burns me up and out…I end up feeling like I am screaming at a wall of little heads…while the big heads are plotting how to get the little head’s way. It gets maddening.


But today….I had one come thru that made me smile. It was a husband telling me he and his wife had enjoyed the blog and even told me if things hadn’t worked out for us here… know that the words did help them.

Thanks dear reader… made my evening.

I hope your wife and you enjoy this journey and want you to know……you poked my heart…in a good way….and maybe with some luck…this heart poke….. will unlock some more blog ideas soon.

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One Comment
  1. Rescue animals are *so much* work–!

    But so worth it. 🙂

    It’s nice to see a post from you. I’m glad you are well. 🙂


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