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Venting to prevent implosion.

by on June 1, 2014



(A/K/A screaming at the universe)

Asking the same question over and over again—no matter how you word it and re word it——-is always going to get the same answers—- from people who have some brain cells and live in the real world and recognize right from wrong and that intellectual capacity does not equate passing judgment.

Yes…if you ask the same thing enough times…..…eventually you will find someone who will give you the answer you want to hear, but that doesn’t mean it is the right answer…it just means you found someone to help you justify what you want even if it means being dishonest, deceitful and shredding others.

It also means you are too lazy to do the real work of being a decent human being and want short cuts…you want others to do the work for you so you can just coast thru life. You are looking for the easiest route to getting yourself off…..and see no value in the work others do. You are a selfish self-centered self-absorbed jackass.

The people I know who have made this lifestyle work for them…have busted their butts and sometimes hearts…to find a happy medium for their partner and they have had to give up a lot to get what they have.

For you to assume they are just going to write you a script on “how to” and give you a free pass for sneaking around on your partner is degrading and insulting to all who have worked so hard to be fair and decent as kinksters.

I am sick to death of the notion that kinky people have no value for the sanctity of commitments made to the person (or persons) they are involved with and they are going to just smile and nod when they see what is truly wrong because after all “kinky people don’t pass judgment”.

You wanna be kinky outside the bounds of your committed relationship?

Then be honest with your partner or get out of the relationship.

If you can’t do this ….

Please  stop passing  your self-centered self-serving behavior off as “kinky”.

I am sick of your kind making the rest of us look bad.

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  1. Amen, sister.


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