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Email update

by on April 13, 2014


Thank you for everyone who has been talking about this. It has been good for the talks I have been having with my husband. I am sort of shocked that the suburban domme decided to use my email but very glad she did. I don’t think I am dumb but I do have a hard time being able to talk to my husband about all this. I don’t want to hurt his feelings so I get my words mixed up when I do try to talk to him. It is a good feeling to know we are not the only couple who is fighting about this. I guess we aren’t really fighting but the talks we have sometimes can get loud. But that has stopped the last couple of days because my husband is trying really hard to give me some time to think about everything without him bugging me. He said he didn’t think asking would be such a big deal and he really didn’t think it would make me feel so bad about myself. He also said he didn’t think asking me to dress up is a kinky thing for me to do. I felt that way but didn’t know if I was right or not, so thank you all very much for the help. I also have to say that what I have been reading the last couple of days helps the other stuff in this blog make more sense. Oh and when he counted how many ideas for this he had when he asked me, it was five and that included the dressing up and talking mean to him. The others were not letting him come, spanking him, making him wear womens underwear and pantyhose but he did say there are other things he would like to try. I told him to stop right there because I need time to figure out the five things.



From there…the author went into some personal info she said she’d rather not share in the blog, but she asked me to post this portion and went on to express her gratitude for the comments others have added.

And I’ll add thanks much to everyone who has been in the process of this discussion via the comments………it is the commenters who have  a hand in shaping the information she is getting and information that will hopefully in the long run help them find a middle ground, where they both feel content.

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  1. Arguing ~ or “talking loud” ~ is… Well, it’s talking, right? And talking about it is the only way to get through it.

    Communication is a Good Thing. 🙂


  2. If LOUD doesn’t count as communication……Monssieurnotasub and I rarely communicate


  3. writingthebody permalink

    sounds like you are getting there though!


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