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Free Falling………..

by on December 30, 2013

Life has been very real in the burbs for some time now.

Distractions galore…..

Life altering changes…

A*N*D…… just plain ol “W-T-F” just happened here?”

Monssieurnotasub and I are trying to regroup and get back on track with the blog.

An email this morning…..had me almost in tears.

A wife who just had her world blow up because she found he husband’s porn stash….and it scared the hell out of her. I am leaving one huge “Yep…..been there–done that—and I hope you are still with us” {{{HUG}}} for her.

And another from a husband who said he was rethinking how he had been pushing his own wife into his own kinky wants…..I hope you are still here.

One more thing before I go:

Shout out to Sassy!

*waves and smiles*

I got the mail and accidentally deleted it…….I wasn’t ignoring you….I’m just…well hells bells…juggling as fast as I can…….and dropping things even faster!

Now pardon us as we get our poop in a group…..and we spend the next few hours getting things back on track “blog wise”.

  1. EleneSallinger permalink

    Welcome back. I’ve missed you.


    • *waves* Thanks Elene. Sorry so late in my reply here……we thought we had life sorted out when we posted this blog…but damn…IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING!!! 😛


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