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Dedicated to ~writingthebody~

by on May 3, 2013

I got a huge kick out of your “Hell is in Hello” blog post:

(awesome choices by the way 🙂 )

Hell son, I growed up on that thar cun-tree’n west-urn muh-gee-ek
( that’s what it (I) would sound like if you caught me at closing time at any honkytonk back in my neck of thuh woods)

I wanted to share with you a song that seems to still apply today…..


The original was done by a lady named Jeanie C Reilly but I have cover by Lori Morgan here.


I chose this cuz well hell…Lori is HOT!

I knew all the words to long before I became a mom……and it became my anthem when I became a mom and fighting back against small town gossips and asshats:





It’s all in the lyrics and yep…hokey and corny as most country is…but the message is the message in any tune.
And that message is:

Glass houses and rocks don’t mix!

From → Random Weirdness

  1. And you embedded it! 😀 Good JOB, Serendipity! {happy dance}


  2. I dun gud, yeah? 🙂

    It only took me four tries
    (and two calls to that wanna be sub guy I have had hanging around *read here*bird dawggin me 😛 for the last week!!)


    • Well if it only took you four tries, you’re doing much better than me. Finally, one day I just sat down and decided I *would not* get up from the computer until I made it work. (That was the Muppets adventure. 😉 ) So you definitely deserve chocolate. Or a pedicure. Or something.

      And: You have comments.


  3. writingthebody permalink

    Asshats? And I found this by sheerest chance….o I love you! I know you replied but I am so stupid I did not figure it properly…Well whatever, as i was looking for a place to give you an award, I did find it….I am grateful. And not even in return since I was here anyway, I offer my sexiest bloggers the chance to do an ABC. I want a sexy ABC….sort of. Love you and your songs too, well only if I imagine you beating me…as for daughters, well. I guess it is about the judgements and gossips of small towns, medium sized towns, cities…everywhere really.


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