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Alrighty then!

by on April 20, 2013


Hells bells…when it rains it pours…right?


Three’s a charm….they say?

I kissed eargasm guy a “see ya in a few” kiss at 0buttcrack:30……and made it home just in time to see the tail end of Monssieur Notasub’s truck headed toward the office.

Double bummed.

*pouty lips here*

As happy as I am to get home….there’s always a little “ugh” that goes with saying “see ya later” to Eargasm guy…..and I just wanted to come home and veg out for a while with Monssieur Notasub…….but he got called into the office for a few hours this morning.

(IT is a joke when I say WE own a biz…the damn biz OWNS us!)

So yeah my mood ain’t so grand…and it wasn’t helped by the fact ‘tween the time I checked my email this morning, when all I had was a ton of “hey don’t miss THIS sale” advert type spam…..while Eargasm guy made a pastry and coffee run……. and  to getting home….and unpacked and my lap top out and set up…..

I had three emails that just kinda…bing-bang-boom……that……emm…well….has me thinking it’s time to go on the record about:


I’m not looking for bulls….in fact that term kinda turns my stomach. So to the one who offered to be the “next bull in my stable”


If you had bothered to  read what I have said here in this blog overall……

INSTEAD of reading INTO what I have said here to fit into your fantasy….

* exasperated sigh and eye roll here*

You would have known that writing to me and telling me what I needed was a real bull to make my husband a real cuck……a real bull …..who could cum gallons of  big cock and ball bull stud cum……  force feed him your male alpha juice…… and it would be just the thing to put him in his place…well ummm…. you would have know that woulda been way off base.


How long did it take you to type all that with one hand?

I have a new acronym for you:


(little dick smaller mind)

(AND…while typing this……I threw up in my mouth for the second time in the last 20 minutes….brb cuz I gotta go get mouthwash and brain bleach)

On what my husband has to say in his little section of a very frank

“This is what it looks like at our place”


To the one who thinks my husband is falling apart and that I am a raving, heartless, selfish cunt for not seeing the signs:

And you know this how?

The fact he is honest about how things didn’t turn out the way he figured they would means he is one blip away from a total melt down?

I am guessing you did the same the one hand palm pilot did…you read a little of the blog and figured you had me and my husband all figured out. My husband is fine…….he’s not going under for a third time…he is being honest about what it is like to be a cucked guy…instead of weaving a porn festooned fantasy tale.

If you make it back here…feel free to ask him yourself in his section of the blog.

IN fact I would really like for you to get into the chatter…anywhere on my blog…because my gut hunch is:

You were in a cuck relationship that blew up……your wife left you for the other guy? And you are projecting your anger with her…at me? (Not just me-me….but All women—who have extra partners—would be my guess.)

If this is the case, you have my empathy and sympathy no matter how rude you were. You’re not the first guy I have meet in the last five years who has that story. I know eight couples who had the cuck life style blow their relationship to hell… believe me…..I’ll be the last person who will be shooing you away……you may have something to say that could help others……and who knows maybe someone here might have something to say that might help you come to terms with the pain you might be in.

To the one who told me I am making a mockery of what REAL FemDom is.

This baffles me…. it will always baffles me.

It’s obvious I have whizzed in you superwoman Wheaties because I…well…because I what?

I don’t know if this writer is male or female…….if it is female……I will never get over the idea that women want to thrash other women…..don’t we have enough to deal with s it is? Why do we add to each others grief that comes with being strong women in  a world that labels women like us bitches, whores, sluts and cunts ……I got news for ya chica.


Why in the world does it matter to you…how I live my life as sexually dominant women? I’m not bothered by how you live it…as long as it is SSC/RACK…then by damned to each their own.

If you aren’t SSC/RACK…then what you do isn’t BDSM or FemDom…… is abuse…..and that’s then end of THAT story.

If it was male….ummmmm……..hint:

Sour grapes……not the breakfast of champions, dipishit.

(Why does it always seems the ones who scream the loudest for tolerance…….sometimes end up being the most intolerant?)


Life too short to sweat the petty stuff and I’m done pettin’ this sweaty stuff…..….I need a nap.






  1. Welcome back and stuff. I just left a novel for Monssieur to respond to when his truck returns. 😉


  2. Not that it looks like you need it, dear–I just wanted to say screw those who would sebd nasty emails. I’m no stranger to them myself. I quite enjoy your responses though.



    • Thanks Fatal…..its life…. what ya gonna do, eh?

      I had to wonder…considering they all showed up within about 45 minutes of each other…if I should be contacting somebody’s mommy and let her know her son is playing in her craft room and building himself some friends with the mismatched socks from the laundry room.

      Sock puppets are so much fun…..

      *smirk/eye roll*

      (My nap—– didn’t help my mood.)


  3. writingthebody permalink

    I feel like a pinball inside one of those 1950s pinball machines you see in movies from, well, the 1960s when I read your posts. They always make me smile. You are such a wonderful combination of fun and common sense. Just keep on going, and you do a wonderful job of finding center for yourself – and for us. As for the “bull” thing (and in fact the whole fantasy around it), I must say it is disrespectful really isn’t it? What you have cannot work unless you and your husband are anchored and solid. And you clearly are…..good on you!


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