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Public play

by on March 14, 2013

Most couples who incorporate the D/s lifestyle into the relationship…at some point want to move it out of the bedroom and add it to more of their day to day life.

We have found ways to do this that is on the down low and isn’t us forcing our kink on others who do not wish to be involved in it.

That means when we are in public we aren’t doing things that are offensive to others or things under aged children shouldn’t be exposed to.

As kinksters

we have the responsibility of making sure our kinks aren’t used in a manner that makes non kinksters or non-consenting kinksters uncomfortable.

If you can’t be this responsible please stop calling yourself a kinksters…because I am sick of this ilk giving the rest of us a bad name and putting us in the position of having to defend what we do like we are amoral, crazy, sick, twisted creeps.

I want that kind OFF my cloud!

Ages ago I read a post from a self-proclaimed Domme who talked about training her “sub” by making him walk out to her mail box naked.

Let’s skip right past the fact this was forcing HER kink on people who didn’t or wouldn’t consent to being part of her sub training exercise….lets go right to the fact if this bone head “sub”……..who did agree to do this……… had been spotted………he would have been arrested and depending on where and how all this went down he may have found himself as a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

I highly doubt a “but my Domme ordered me too” argument would fly in a court room.

Dumbass……..and YES……. he was a dumbass for consenting to this activity and following her orders.

Being a sub doesn’t mean you should stop using brain cells and using that part of your brain that knows right from wrong.

Being a Domme doesn’t give you the right to force YOUR kinks on by standers to get your sub to do what you want…


Being a responsible Domme means you should be aware of breaking laws in the process of being a Domme is NOT acceptable.

Food for thought:

Is public play worth being arrested and possibly being a registered sex offender for the rest of your life?

Before I explain how we managed to get “on the down-low” public play in action…..

I want this little bit to sit, germinate and root…so it rings in the ears of anyone who thinks public play would be just WAY COOL!.

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