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First Aid

by on March 13, 2013


No matter how you play

……mild to wild…..

you should always have a first aid kit handy.

A clear and concise  safe word should be the first thing you consider part of your “first aid kit”.

Have a phone handy, as in you can get to it in just a few steps.

If you are relying on a cell phone, make sure it is charged!

Some things to add to the standard first aid kit:


Large gauze pads.

Paper towels.

Wet wipes.

Safety shears.

These sheers are designed for cutting close to the skin. The tip is rounded, not sharp, so it can be slipped under garments without cutting the skin. They come in handy for getting bindings loose fast.

Bottled water:

Not just for drinking. It is also used for flushing eyes or cuts.


This is a VERY basic kit; the more elaborate your play is…… your first aid kit should reflect it! 

Feel free to add your suggestion for the kit here.

Keep in mind certain herbs and drugs (both over the counter and prescription) and alcoholic beverages are blood thinners and may cause cuts to bleed more profusely and bruising to happen sooner and be more intense. Be safe and check to see if the drugs your sub is using could be one of these drugs so you can be prepared.

Now that I have scared the bejesus out of you…….chances are small that you will ever need the kit…but better safe than sorry, right? 😉











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