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by on March 5, 2013


Over The Knee.

Being turned over a Domme’s knee is common fantasy. It isn’t just for spanking. The “OTK” position can be used for a variety of activities. I’ve heard of the position being used for anal play, enemas, medical play and no doubt the list is only limited to the imagination of the people using the position.

We rarely use the position because my husband is over 6 foot tall, I’m barely 5’3” the attempts to use the position usually end in a comical debacle.



Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation is a form of erotic humiliation and is what it sounds like. The man is verbally shamed about the inadequate size of his penis.

A lot of BDSM play is built around humiliation of the bottom.

Used with a partner who isn’t well informed and consenting, this type of play can create distress and cause possible psychological damage.

This type of play should be discussed before it starts.

Any type of BDSM play has the potential to cause emotional distress or trigger repressed memories so the Top should be paying attention to the cues from the bottom.

You don’t have to been wielding a whip or using some kind of torture device to inflict pain that will cause long-term harm.

If this wasn’t a type of play my husband craves I wouldn’t even consider it.  As it was it took a lot of work and thoughtful conversations between my husband and me before I could get comfortable even trying it.

I incorporate SPH humiliation with


cock and ball torture

where the pain play is focused on the genitals.

Puppy/Pony play is erotic role play.

The role play isn’t limited to just puppy and pony.  The bottom assumes the role of the animal.

Any animal role play can be very elaborate. Pony play can consist of the pony being in gear that resembles what one would use on a pony/horse, bridles, harnesses, even “butt plug pony tails.” The ponies may even pull carts with their masters as the passenger.

When using “puppy play” with my husband he’s on all fours, wearing a collar and leash. At times he is “forced” to eat and drink from a dog bowl.

Again, the items used and the way the play is planned and played out is only limited to the imagination and the negotiations of the ones involved.


  1. Very interesting I must say…Thank You


  2. You are most welcome!

    Interesting and maybe a little overwhelming? ;)

    I’m glad you asked because at times I forget that I’m not using “common knowledge language” and that five or six years ago….none of it was in my own vocabulary.

    All the lingo and jargon threw me for a loop when I started to navigate the world of FemDom.

    I still have acronyms and terms that I come across that send me running back to the ones I lean on to learn from to get explanations.

    I know the explanations I offer are brief; maybe to brief……. all I can hope for is anyone who reads will be as motivated as you are and ask the questions!


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