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“How the hell did I end up HERE”

by on February 23, 2013

The more I think I have a rhythm figured out for how to tell our history…..the more off the rails it goes.

We have been at this “kink as a couple” for all our years married (almost 35).

There’s been a lot of kink play on the path to becoming a D/s couple.

The FemDom part…….about 10ish years and making it work……getting to the point it isn’t a constant battle between us…about two years.

Now days it is part of who we are as a couple.

It isn’t WHO we are as a couple….it just a single facet.

Memories get mixed together and when I start trying to “voice” a portion……. I realize I have two or three events mixed up with each other and they may be years apart…it’s a lot of sorting thru and thinking backwards.

This section of the blog could turn into a whole slew of mini thoughts with bursts of ramblings that only the pluckiest blog surfers will brave to the end.

(And somewhere in the universe someone just let out a huge guffaw and snort…… Nothing I type…… is ever just a “mini thought”.)

 The back story won’t be chronological…it won’t be sequential…….it will be quasi organized pandemonium.

So if you choose to read this section, please buckle your cyber seat belts and hang on…

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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