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Yes……it is WRONG

by on March 24, 2013

I keep getting hits from searches that include the word “child” and “domme”……it makes me want to vomit and sends my BP to a point my ears ring and my head throbs…feeling like my eyes are being shoved out f the sockets from the inside out.

I don’t need to point out….

(But going to anyway)
What this search is most likely intended to grab…is illegal and can be a criminal act to be scouting such material……………

So may the ones doing these searches………

Be caught.

Rot in a prison in the general population.

Preferably in a neon green jumpsuit…with words in large print stamped on it…….detailing the crime they committed to end up IN prison.

Seriously people…

NO ONE I know who lives an alternative lifestyle…

…….in any way……

would see this as anything other than WRONG.

Being kinky doesn’t mean the kinkster loses the capacity for moral compunction and an understanding of what is right and wrong and that there are things in this world that are BLACK AND WHITE.

The basic core of any alternative lifestyles is SSC:

ALL parties must be capable of being able to give informed
“I understand, comprehend and agree to what will happen to, with and for me” consent and the activities be safe and sane.
There can be NONE of that in what is being scouted.

It is why I say bravely….not with bravado…but with absolutely bravery…

I want this type…


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  1. I hear ya, sister. Amen.


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