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Fuckinfuckry ..yeah that’s the right name for it……..

by on February 5, 2014

From this blog post:

Can you explain any more about how you went from not having sex with someone else to immediately being Poly?

If you have read the linked blog postings……you will notice it took me 28 years… follow thru on a kink urge that popped out of Monssieurnotasub  …within weeks of marrying him.

Also….you will note that my grabbing Eargasm guy was a wild hair to prove to Monssieurnotasub  he needs to be careful what he wished for…..along with the fact the intent that night ……was merely to have a one night stand.

Even knowing from day one……I could bed anything I wanted…….I didn’t attempt it for many reasons and the reasons varied and changed over the years. The night I did this… kids were grown and Monssieurnotasub was in a spiral of becoming obsessed with BDSM and FemDom leaving me behind feeling shell shocked and unappealing. He had gotten to a point he couldn’t just have “get naked and nasty/lust for me—sex” with me ——-unless there was some kind of elaborate FemDom based BDSM kink that appealed to him from the start.

Frankly there was a point in time that it was hard for me to see that—let alone own it.

It is hard to admit I did what I did by some motivation other than my own

“HEY! I wanna fuck this guy!”

All that is for another blog post…another time…because as it is I am having a hard time keeping my train of thought……hell….I lose it so easy…and all I have is a caboose!

I did go from “no one to someone” in the blink of an eye to some degree…..…but what evolved from that…..WHEW….a lot of time and hard work from all three of us.

Eargasm guy wasn’t from my hood——

in fact his hood was over 1200 miles from mine…

so the “I’m gonna do this and he will be out of my life tomorrow and long gone”

was part of the appeal behind grabbing HIM for this

“HA! Take that you kinky bastard plan”

directed at Monssieurnotasub.

BUT…nothing is every THAT easy….well not for me anyways.

Eargasm guy really was the first guy who ever had my interest enough to consider following thru with the cuck fetish. There were other men who did “tickle my fancy” in the past…but all kind of things…again..stopped me….but the number one thing was not one of them had ever struck the sexy nerve Eargasm guy did that night.

Was it fate?

Or just the perfect fucked up point in my marriage with Monssieurnotasub….. to make for a perfect storm?

I have no idea…..I like to lean toward the “fate” idea…because well hell… I’m not the typical representation of the Madison Avenue/Women mags idea of mushy, squishy, gooey, type girl…but I am says so on my driver’s license so it has to be true…so I do occasionally have a weakness for gooey and a little bit of mushy.

Okay see damn the train…..where did the train go??

Oh yeah….

As the night progressed….and the fucking slowed and we started to talk—-I discovered an amazing man attached to the dick I used to get even with Monssieurnotasub and that was my down fall. Getting to know the person attached to the dick.

We come for worlds so far apart….it was only by sheer fate we ended up in the same spot the night we did.

(Yes I called it fate—so sue me.)

By day light we were dressed had been for a couple of hours …..both worn out from humping like two crazy teen agers in the back seat at a drive in……….and talking about our kids…..swapping stories like old friends. He had to get back to his hotel because he had to catch a flight out that afternoon. When I dropped him off….he handed me his business card and said

“If the mood strikes you—-come see me—–I’ll show you my hood.”

I got home…to a frantic Monssieurnotasub.

We had been in the same spot when I meet Eargasm guy…he’d left to deal with a “kid on the phone needing some daddy advice” issue and well…truth again…we were sort of at odds with each other over his kinky nature…so even tho we were “out together” he was spending most of his time sitting in a corner brooding.

When he left……. I’d told him I would be home in a couple of hours…… that was about 9:00 p.m……I didn’t get in until about 9:00 a.m. the next morning….so yeah he was a bit frantic….he’d been out looking for me since 5:00 a.m.or so…the dumbass…had walked out with my phone in his pocket the night before.

I spilled why I was late and he was shocked. He never thought I would go thru with it and he always figured if I ever did…he would be “part of it”…

As in:

The poor pitiful —put in the corner sub—- and  forced to watch his as the bull fucked his Domme…. as his Domme and bull berated and humiliated him for his needle dick and lousy love making skills.

(Sorry….. I need something to get the taste of vomit out of my mouth…..who’s got a wine key?)

Once the intial shock wore off…..he wanted to ask me for the details and I put my foot down right there and told him it wasn’t going to go that way…….he could ask me questions but I would answer them clinical  and without flourish.

I wasn’t going to let him use what I had done to get his rocks off. I wasn’t going t let him debase this man that way. For starters ……….this man would never consent to being in something like that–I had learned a few things about him as a person in my down fall of getting to know the man attached to the dick and my gut told me…this wouldn’t be his ideal idea of the way things should go..thus he would not consent to being part of word play for my husband jack off sessions.

As it is now days…he still has moments he has a hard time coping with what he got caught in because “fate” happen to put his sexy ass in the same spot as me and my kinked up husband one night.

By midafternoon…

the shock had worn off and Monssieurnotasub  and I were discussing the reality and practicality  of me attempting to continue the relationship with this man.

By evening…..I had called Eargasm guy and talked with him for a couple of hours. At the end of that conversation…..with Monssieurnotasub consent and blessing…..I agreed to head for his hood…and well the rest is history……in the making. It will be six years at the end of this month…..of that night “fate” turned my life…..ummmmmm……poly.

So as much as it looks like…………..

 I went from not having sex with someone else to immediately being wasn’t THAT simple.

It happened quick…but then reality hit and things slowed way down…..and REAL actuality –the

“OMG I really did do this and WTF am I thinking of doing NOW????”

hit…and damn…..that part of the story is gonna have to wait…..cause my fingers hurt and I got Eargasm guy rapid fire texting me and Monssieurnotasub yelling from the kitchen wanting to know where I put the Knob Creek !!

(Hells bells….. *eye roll*

It’s under the kitchen sink where I keep all THE GOOD Liquor.

Nobody EVER looks under the sink for the good stuff…I do have a method to all my madnessessssess

*evil grin here*!!)

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  1. writingthebody permalink

    Well that is reality, isn’t it? I have only been in his position once really – and the same thing happened. She had a relationship with him for a year. He was not a bull type (more a randy type who liked doing it all the time). But there is, as you say, a person, in my case a sensitive, vulnerable, and fun person attached to the dick. And well, it took a while, but we all became friends. And until the day we all left that city (I mean even the night before), they were in each other’s arms, and well, it was nice.


    • Quote from WTB:
      He was not a bull type (more a randy type who liked doing it all the time)

      LMSAO…you just described Eargasm guy 😉

      I am glad it ended well…..and you all became friends. That’s not common, it isn’t the norm so it always nice read someone who managed to make it thru to the other side.

      I wouldn’t say Monssieurnotasub and Eragasm guy are “friends” but they are friendly in the respect they both want the best for me…so they tend to dance around each other…tip toeing….to avoid disrupting my interactions with each one of them…because yes…there is a very REAL person attached to the dicks.


      • writingthebody permalink

        Good luck…the sensitivities involved are complicated – and your own feelings matter too (it is a mistake to think that you have the easiest part, even if yours has the most action so to speak). Good luck – love reading your accounts, witty and sensible as well….


  2. I’m on my own journey with this, sister. I hear you. And there ain’t no “overnight” about it… Except for the occasional overnight bag, that gets packed with things like lube and baby oil and extra batteries.

    And for all the guys who are sitting in their little subby fantasy lands, thinking they want their wives to have sex with another man…

    Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. And when you do, it’ll be Her way, not yours.


  3. I’m leaving you another HUGE {{{hug}} and reminding you…you know where to find me.


  4. Wow, super-interesting post. And “…but I am says so on my driver’s license so it has to be true…”? Heh. I can very much relate.


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