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Funny how it doesn’t look the same…..

by on April 19, 2013

In real life.

For a couple of days….I am out of “suburban housewife mode” and in “Domme who has her man cucked mode” cuz I am spending a couple of days with guy#2.

Eargasm guy… sacked out…….. sound asleep.

Wish I could say I wore him out…but nope he showed up worn out….the last few weeks his life has been on the bat shit crazy side.

Not to say there wasn’t some crazy  kinky “BDSMless” pawing and humping earlier(my left ear lobe feels like I nursed a calf!)……but by 10ish p.m. he was dozing off watching TV.

It’s so funny… cracks me up……we look like an “old married couple”.

It’s kink that doesn’t look or sound kinky.

Make sense?

After a few good rounds of body bumping  and then out to dinner….we got back to the hotel……he hit the shower…..I made us both coffee…..then we plopped in the middle of the bed….and watched TV and he dozed off with the remote in his hand.

I took the remote UNNOTICED from his hand, flipped channels for a bit…then……flipped the TV off…… only to have him raise up on one elbow and say

“Hey I was watching that!”

I just looked at him and said

“Go back to sleep”

and well………he did.


 I could be just as well sitting at home with Monssieur Notasub.


I’m always amused by the responses I get to the replies I have to

“So what’s it like to be a Domme who owns a stable?”

When I explain what it looks like in my word…

I can almost see the person on the other side of the monitor staring at me like I just typed everything   in a foreign language that they can’t possibly understand or even find a translator for.

Because my answers look nothing like what they read about cucking or poly kink.

If you saw us, watched us interacting…..we’d look like any other couple around us.

The only thing that might seem out of place…… when someone says something about “his wife” ….meaning me…and we both kind of laugh……..or when someone says something about “my husband”…it isn’t uncommon for him to pop off and say something like:

“Oh I’m not her husband….I’m just the guy who entertains her when her husband is busy.”

The first time he said that *bug eyes here* I almost choked to death on a mouthful of pancakes.

That poor waitress…..I thought she was going to swallow her tongue before she regrouped and laughed nervously then backed away from the table…..and she did BACK AWAY…like she thought he would pounce on her or something.

Then there was the night I got him good.

Not too far from his home town…….sitting in the bar of a restaurant waiting for our table….he got to talking to a couple next to us and discovered they lived pretty close to where he lives and the woman asked me if I knew where such and such clothing shop was…and I replied

“Oh I’m not from here………I just drive into town when I need to get laid.”

More often than not…I drive to his area…..because it is easier…….he has two jobs to keep up with and he needs to be close by…… one has him “on call.”

I always pack anticipating “down time”…as in…… he’s got a life that is still a life when he is with me.

I bring my lap top, books and magazines because I know there’s going to be a bit of the time he still has to deal with what he lives when he isn’t with me. And same goes for me.  I still have to deal with certain things when I am with him…that relates to the life that I live away from him.

Tomorrow I’ll be camped out alone for a few hours because he is going to go spend time with his kids…..he’s a divorced dad and I wouldn’t adore him the way I do if his didn’t put his kids ahead of me.

I’d have ~NO~ respect for him if he didn’t put them first. We have both had to bail last-minute on plans because family ALWAYS goes to the head of the line.

The wildest part of all this……my husband would dearly love to have the blow by blow details of the sex I have with this man…….but he doesn’t want to know anything about what we do when we aren’t bummpin’ boots.

He says the sex stuff he can handle…it’s when it starts sounding like “us” the he starts to feel jealous and insecure.

That’s when I look at him like he just rattled off something in a foreign language……

I’ll never understand or ever be able to translate.

He can cope with me fucking this guy’s brains out…..doing all kinds of nasty things to him….but he can’t cope so well with knowing about the mundane stuff that goes on between us.  He says knowing that stuff makes it “all too real for him”

*this is me with a ‘deer in the headlights’ dumbfounded look*

I know what it is…he got more than he bargained for when I did finally do as he asked and “cuck him” he didn’t think much past the part that got his dick in a tizzy. He didn’t stop and think about the fact IF I did it…..I would become attached to the person I did it with. He didn’t count on the fact he was going to be sharing my heart as well as my girl bits.

He didn’t “think through” a lot of things before he asked for them.

We hit the “five year mark” with this guy in our life a couple of months ago. He tells me all the time he never figured I would go through with it….and he sure as hell didn’t expect me to keep the guy if I did go through with it.

HA! Be careful what you wish for….eh baby?

HHHHMMMMMMMMMM….thinking out loud at my keyboard…..

*evil grin*


Wonder what the odds are I could get him to write something on the way this whole kink turned out.

I’m not ordering him toooooooooooooooooooooooo……but ummm gee…wonder if he has the stones to do it????


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  1. writingthebody permalink

    You are such a funny writer. I always get lost navigating your site…I know, I am stupid, don’t worry…I find stuff in the end. Anyway, you are dead right about it being the mundane stuff that counts. Watching tv, hanging out. People might think about sex a lot, but they do not spend that long doing it, not really, not compared to sleeping and eating and working etc. The only experience I have of this was exactly what you describe – even though he had a high sex drive even he could not do it all day, ie they still spent most of their time watching tv, drinking, going to work, washing up, going out to eat and seeing friends etc. And in the end the sweet thing is we all became normal friends. We have lost touch now, something I regret actually – we were overseas for a while and he moved a few times, and we just have no idea how to get back in touch with him. So yes, reality is … well, kinda normal. And it is nice that way sometimes.


    • Don’t feel bad, wtb…..I get lost navigating it and it’s my own blog!:P

      There’s only so much sex one can have before you have to surface for “pure oxygen” and regroup.

      Eargasm guy… like a freakin teenager getting his first piece when he’s with me…….the first few hours with him is WHEW…..but that has more to do with the fact at this point in time…….I am his only body bumpin’ partner….and we only manage to get together every sixish weeks or so… by the time we get in the same spot…..we tend to wear each other out on the first few hours and spend the rest of the time trying to recover…..and of course…..that means doing things that don’t involve sex….so yep it really is “kind of normal” once the hormones level out.

      We enjoy each other out of bed as much as we do in bed… even the “no sex” time we spend together is good and it is that stuff that keeps the heat going between us.


      • writingthebody permalink

        body bumping partner….that is a really funny expression….:)


  2. Sucks when reality of life interferes with one’s fantasies. One might get more than one intended to have bitten off.

    Wishing You all the best in these times. Enjoy


    • Hi Smplefy, welcome!

      Sorry for the delay in in replying…..I missed the replies to this thread with the hectic pace of last week.

      My husband did get more than he figured he was going to.

      He could “direct” things as long as they were going on in his head(s)…when it came to life and it dawned on him he didn’t have control……rude awakening….. is putting it mildly.

      Thank you for the well wishes….somehow we always manage to deal with whatever causes things to go out of whack…..and I have to give my husband a lot of credit for that fact……he knows all the things that are in our life that can get out of sorts…are here at his request …so the only person he really has to be upset with……is himself.

      It’s all about live and learn, eh? 🙂


      • Sounds like he thinks he can top from the bottom. Silly human, none of us can.

        Be careful what you put in play, it might take on a life of it’s own.


  3. “…He says the sex stuff he can handle…it’s when it starts sounding like “us” the he starts to feel jealous and insecure…”

    I would *REALLY* like it if Monssieur would be willing to explain his head space on this one. Not his pointy-little-head space. His head-on-top-of-his-shoulders space.




    And explanation ~ mental and emotional ~ would be really…




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