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Yeah…Anything ~is~ possible….

by on April 14, 2013

But is it practical?

(Sub title:

Grab a muck shovel,

—cuz we are gonna shift thru some horse shit—

to find the pony.)

A while back, I read a suggestion for a scene that had me shaking my head. The person who posted the information claimed to be a lifestyle Domme who had several slaves.

Synopsized the scene basically had the slave blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back, perched on a kitchen table with the Domme kicking and hitting him in the nuts with a paddle.

Sounds yummy huh?


Fair warning….if you don’t want the yummy fantasy bubble popped…..

Leave now.










Still here?

Okie doke…..right now……

Get on your knees and put your hands behind your back and close your eyes.

Stay there and count to 100…

A heartbeat at a time.

?-How far into the count did you get before you had to get up because you “found the pony” thanks to the Charlie horse that kicked in?

?-How high in the count did you feel your body want to topple forward?

?-How far into the count did you have to shift your body weight backwards to keep from toppling over…….then adjust again…to keep from going over backwards?


I made it to 17 before I had to fight the fact my body was trying to topple forward. I had to shift my weight backwards a bit…by 29 I had to shift again to keep from going over backwards.

By 42…my core muscles were stating to ache and I could feel I was getting weaker and knew if I didn’t GET UP…I was going to either fall over backwards…or I was going to face plant on a hard wood floor…..from a height of about 2.5 feet….and no doubt it WOULD be painful……and maybe..….break my nose, black my eyes…..perhaps give me at least a minor concussion?

Factor in adding in about three feet to that fall….falling from the standard height of a kitchen table…then how much damage are we looking at?


Your hands would be tied behind your back…… couldn’t brace for the fall…


Keep in mind…….

Hands behind your back and being blindfolded is going to have a drastic effect on your ability to balance because you lose the ability to find a focus point to help you keep a sense of balance and the loss of your hands as a “counter balance” as you adjust your body weight is going to be a factor also.


Now let’s add me as the “Domme” and my husband as the “slave”……….. to all this mix.

I’m 5’3” if I stand up reallllllllly tall…..this morning’s weigh in had me at 129.8 lbs.

My husband is 6’.05ish inches……..he’s at about 231 lbs.

His core strength ability…well…umm it ain’t what it used to be…..but……. for a 53 year old guy who spends most of his day pushing papers….he’s maaaaaaaayyeeeeeeebe in a little better shape than the average 53 year old paper pusher….not a lot tho. 😉

In this scenario…without me evening touching the family jewels and adding to the other things his brain has to process to keep from falling…… at the very least he is going to be teetering back and forth.

He goes over backwards….well… won’t be fun…..and he may pull a muscle or get a good solid bump to the back of the head….cuz most likely….I won’t be able to catch him.

He goes forward……OFF THE TABLE…..hands tied behind his back…..he has to rely on ME to prevent him from planting face or head down on the floor. …that means I am going to have to GET UNDER HIM…… break his fall. He outweighs me by 100 lbs.

DO I really need to go any farther to demonstrate how the whole set up for this scene is “possible” but not practical?

(Just in case you need more…..think about the likelihood of me…….. getting my “29 inch inseam leg”….high enough to kick him in the nuts…or how the distance between the table top and his nut sac…would be so limited…….the “swing” of the paddle would be a joke for inflicting any kind of pain in the levels a heavy-duty maso would wish for)

All of this is “possible”…


You have the core strength of Hercules.

The thighs of Superman.

The phenomenal “no ballast needed” balancing skills.

Your partner is large than/stronger than you and could catch you if you topple forward…

Of course it is possible…


When a guy asks his partner to help him bring his fantasies to life……..

before he does this…

he needs to consider what is

REALLY practical for HER.

My husband has this elaborate fantasy where I tie his hands behind his back and the force him to perform oral sex……then ‘force’ him to have “missionary” position sex with me.

Okie doke….the oral part…doable……..but the missionary sex part?

Nope…not practical……… because he outweighs me by 100 lbs. and there is NO WAY my body could constantly support his full weight on top of mine….and what about the quantum physic logistics of being able to thrust without his hands to help him get some traction?

So where’s the pony now that we have managed to shift thru a large portion of the horse shit?

The only one I found was named Charlie……and well..

He wasn’t the pony prize any of us has in mind, no doubt.

Is the scenario proposed by the “Domme” doable?

Did she really pull it off?

Well considering she often referred to herself as a “petite little thing” and all her slaves as “big well-built boys”…..



color me dubious.

I know…….

I know I am being pragmatic to the point of being a party pooper.


My JOB ONE as his Domme is to make sure he is NOT hurt in a “bad way”.

I will add I have managed to adapt the scene for play… putting my husband on his knees on the floor…so when he teeters I can counter him by getting ahold of his shoulders.

My husband has had to make a LOT of choices in the process of us getting HIS D/s urge in place…..

He’s had to give to get…

He has to ~BE~ happy with what he gets


worrying about what he wasn’t/isn’t getting.

Damn I smell like horse shit…..I guess I should have suggested we all wear barn boots and hip waders too.

  1. I do not have the thighs of Superman. Mine are more like Wonder Woman’s. But not the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman. I’m a lot meatier than that. But daaaayum, Lynda is hawt.

    And wow, do I have ADD this morning.

    I used to want a pony. But there’s a lot of shit involved in maintaining one. Literally. These days I just donate money to a horse rescue.

    ‘Kayso, you’ve kicked the “practical” pants off Miss Practically Perfect In Every Way. I can see Ms Mary Poppins is gonna have some work to do to catch up with you.

    Yeesh, you’re a little thing. 129 pounds? I haven’t weighed 129 pounds since the 6th grade.

    My inseam is closer to 32″.

    And I see you’ve been playing with your widgets. 🙂

    Coffee…coffee… I definitely need coffee…

    So good morning and stuff. 😛


    • Hit your coffee quota yet?? 🙂

      I pick the worst times to let the Hot Barista Boy/Male nurse…have the day off.

      I have seen your legs… 🙂

      They are yummy PHAT (according to a male friend …that means “Pretty Hot and Taut)

      No pony here other then the occasional Charlie horse type ( man it sucks to be ” agely-mature” some days)

      I have a Unicorn…I’ll be happy to share her with you.

      Monssieur Notasub bought her for me a couple of years ago.

      The only problem you’ll have to help me locate a virgin so I can locate my unicorn…….. because from what I understand only virgins can SEE unicorns.

      I know the damn thing is here…just last week she ate the last two lemon bars I was saving to nosh on after the Monssieur Notasub and the boomerang boy crashed for the night. They both swear neither of them ate…so it had to be the damn unicorn again.

      A few months ago…somebody drank the last smidge of milk…then put the empty carton BACK in the fridge….again it had to be the unicorn because both guys swear it wasn’t them.

      Then there is still the mystery of who left a “not so much for public viewing” toy box sitting wide open on the bedroom floor…a while back…again……had to be the unicorn because Monssieur Notasub swears up and down he closed it and put it back under the bed after he pulled out the baggie of cock rings.


      I so need to find a virginal stable boy……….so he can keep up with my unicorn!!

      And if you see that Poppin bitch….
      Tell he to stop whacking the begonias with her umbrella please.
      I know she need to blow off steam after dealing with the not so practical subs…but dang….I paid good money for begonias that grow in chocolate soil!


  2. Okay….ummmmm…

    How pathetic will I appear…if I confess to the fact I bought six of those last Christmas as stocking stuffers for my grandkids?

    (Umm and how truly tragic will I look if I confess…
    My kids won’t breed and give me grandbabies……
    So I am that crazy woman who considers her kids’ pets….as my grandkids?)

    I’m just…like ummmm asking how it would look…… IF…….


    • Haaa-ha-ha-ha! 😀 If you anyone gave me one of those things for my cat-kid, I would DEFINITELY make the pussy wear it. And there would be mass amounts of picture-taking. Just sayin’. 😛


      • 😛

        IF somebody was this pathetic and tragic…..I wo…..ummmeeerrrr……
        I mean ~she~ would need to ask the daughter if there were any pics available to share


  3. If you, OR anyone…


  4. I, twentysomethingish and sporty, gave it a try this evening and hit the hundred without too much a difficulty. I noticed I had to use my thigh muscles now and then, though, to balance my body and keep it from tilting over. Of course, nobody paddled me in the gentleman’s area whilst I was kneeling for science. And I share your issue with the height, once somebody pulls this stunt on a table.


    • HA!HA!
      🙂 Showoff!! 😉
      Thanks for putting it to the test and letting me know how it worked for you.

      Out of curiosity
      { curiosity killed the cat…but satisfaction brought her back….. cha-cha-cha 😛 }
      I did a “test run” again.

      With my eyes open and hands behind my back:
      I managed to stay in the spot with just a bit of teetering for balance adjustment…..for a full count of 100……but my thighs and calves were kind of achy….and I am convinced I only made it too 100…….because I was able to use my eyes to find a focus point to stay balanced.

      Waited about 30 minutes…..then hands on hips eyes open……no teetering and I was able to stay that way to a count of 150…..and then my KNEES started screaming “getupgetupgetup”!!!!

      So the hand and eye stuff…..well not exactly scientific…but I think it’s enough to show unless you are a sporty 20something 😉 ….you better plan on teetering, toppling and Charlie horses!
      Another thing my husband pointed out:
      Any type of CBT being used… going to cause some automatic “gut crunch” reaction, which increases the chance of tilting forward and toppling or reflexively flinching backwards might send the person over backwards.

      Once he said that I did recall that often when I put this in play…..I have to be prepared for him to go one way or the others and be his “counter balance.”


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