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It’s a Serendipitic, Feverish, Monkey Mosh Pit

by on April 7, 2013
With Monkey’s permission I am going to co-opt his original post and address the following topics a blog at a time, in this section.

(The Feverish part is the fact I have found (gratefully) Mrs. Fever is pretty good at pulling me out of the tunnel right before my own narrow scoped vision gets me hit by the oncoming train of not being able to see beyond my own “FemDom” take on kink. )

=Who is in “charge” the Dom or the sub?

=Can subs teach Doms?


=Power Exchange.

=Scenes at home?

=How involved in the D/s process is the sub? How involved should a sub be in the D/s process?

=In a 24/7 or longer than a night of play D/s relationship can Doms make changes/decisions for subs

=D/s outside of sex?

=Pain Play – more than just spanking .

=Differences between female and male Doms?

=Differences between female and male subs?

=What websites would you recommend, based on personal usage please, to people who would be looking to meet other D/s people?

=For newbies what would your advice, suggestions, be?

All of these are topics that I planned to address as I progress with my own blog and it was a bit startling to see what has been a “work in progress-in an arranged disarray inside my head manor” bibliography for me, for about 14 months… see someone asking what I was thinking… word than serendipity could come to mind.

Throw in a Fever and lord only knows what the arranged disarray will end up sounding like.

From → Monkey Mosh-Pit

  1. “Throw in a Fever and lord only knows what the arranged disarray will end up sounding like.”

    Heh. 😛

    Sounds like this:


  2. ankoku1331 permalink

    Nice pinging. 🙂 I look forward to your posts.



    (He’s my favorite Muppet!!!!!!)

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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