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by on March 15, 2013

Don’t say you weren’t warned because what follows is going to flat out rude and blunt.

I have a bit of a bug up my butt.

I was wading thru some old files and came across an email conversation I had with a woman who lives with a man like my darlin’ suburban submissive…….that old back and forth is what spawned this post.

Forget get playing devil’s advocate… me the freakin devil…because the devil is in the details.

My husband had a nasty habit of sending me links for sites that had stories about women who didn’t want to be the Domme but learned to just love it because their husbands transformed right before their eyes, became the partner of her dreams thanks to BDSM and FemDom.

There were links to chastity sites touting the amazing and life changing benefits to locking a man up for good. Stories by women who said cucking changed their life because they had no idea how lousy their husband was in bed until she found the perfect bull.

It unnerved me and added to the pressure that was already building to an over load point. I would look for hours for something to counter the emails he was sending me…my own links to get him to see MY SIDE of what was going on…with NO LUCK.

This post is for women

who are trying to combat this kind of passive aggressive bullshit from a partner

who won’t back the hell off and let her breath,

for the woman who’s words and begging for mercy from the man who is pushing her……are falling on deaf ears…

asking him to back off and let her


Ladies if this is you and you are trying to find something to email him…here’s something to start with:

Dear Husband/Boyfriend,

This email is written by a  lifestyle living it 24-7 FemDom BDSM practicing Domme.

I don’t have an erotic story or anything to make your point for why your woman should give in and let you have your way.

I don’t have any reasons for why she should want to be your Domme.

What I am…what I have is a real story:

 I have a sub/hub that tends to get his head up his kinky butt, gets fetish obsessed and then side tracked and forgets what FemDom really is. He forgets it isn’t about getting his kinky way. He forgets that pushing to get things his way isn’t what a sincere submissive does.

So heads up bucko:

You are receiving this email because the woman you are pushing is FED UP.

KNOCK IT OFF with the email links…they aren’t doing anything but upsetting her and making her feel bad.

You aren’t making your case for WHY she should hop on the BDSM FemDom D/s band wagon…you are making her feel like she is being run over by it.

For some reason she’s not comfortable with the idea of BDSM kink or being your Domme….if you keep bullying her she probably never will be.

Do I have your attention?

I hope so…she’s read your emails with all the BDSM FemDom info, suggestions and advice…..…don’t you think you owe her the respect of reading this one?

She has a reason she sent it… willing are you to put yourself out there for her?

Are you as willing to do for her…… you expect her to do for you?

The “here babe, read this and learn” email knife cuts both ways, eh dude?

How much do you know about being submissive?

Are you putting as much effort into being submissive as you trying to turn her into a Domme?

What are you offering her in your almighty submission that has anything it for her?

How much are you expecting her to change to be the Domme for you?

Do you know the difference between being a domination fetishist and a submissive?

Do your woman a favor and find your way to blog spot of The Suburban Domme and get some real time, real life info.

If she took the time to send this to you then she must have some interest in what you are asking so don’t blow it by blowing off her request.

Make it your first true attempt as her submissive.


The Suburban Domme

(A woman who has been where your woman is right now………..A/K/A the bubble popping hellbitch with a keyboard who will probably be a pain in your ass from now on because if your wife sent you this…that means she found and is reading my blog.)

  1. Miss you….Hope all is well in your world and that you and yours are enjoying your summer.


  2. Anna permalink

    Very interesting. I’m kind of guilty of some of those things now that I think about it. Ok more than kind of. Lol I see the error of my ways. I guess I got too wrapped up in kinky headspace.

    Tried to turn vanilla guy into the perfect dom and it was an epic fail. I’m switchy myself so I figured. Ehh.. Let’s try the other side and found this. Thank you.

    LOL hellbitch. I love it.


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